Saturday, April 20, 2013

After Boston...

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I wanted to do a post-Boston post to let you know how I felt. I think it is just dawning on me that I did a SUB 3!!! 2:58:34!!

I am/was a little annoyed that the downhills killed my quads. I trained to charge the uphills as those are usually my nemesis, but I didn't think running downhill was a big deal (ha). Oh well, still a good race. I'm not complaining, yet I don't think I'll ever be 100% happy with any performance. Hence the life of a runner.

I haven't run at all yet. I wanted to do a good reset while I figure out what is next. That is still pending. I have a knack for falling in love with sold out races and then begging for a bib. Arg! I think I will do an easy 30 min run today. I've been at the gym everyday this week walking on the treadmill for an hour to 1h45m. I think it has helped a lot.

Oh, also, my Garmin shit the bed. My data won't upload. I have no splits!! It worked during the race but it's toast now. Someone emailed me this split sheet though. It's hard to see but depicts the usual. A slow death at the end:

Because we all love race pics here are some. I had to fold and buy them. I figure it is Boston and my first sub 3! Holla!!!

due to popular complaint I waited to hit stop but they still got a pic of it!

Never a glamorous pose but something happens on those finish mats that makes me do that!

I tell you Boyleston st. is the longest street ever. I have no idea how this picture isn't worse. I was done!

Alright peeps, I'm out. Hopefully I'll have my next race nailed down soon! Keep you posted!!



  1. Wow, impressive all the way around Laura! Great job. you looked absolutely fantastic out there.

    Have you thought about the Rock & Roll marathon here? I think I'm skipping it but did do the RunRaleigh half last weekend.

    1. Thanks Carolina! Awesome. If you have any energy left come do the NCRC Invitational Half next month. I'm pacing the 1:45 group. It will be fun! I'm still planning an October marathon...hopefully some good news soon. I need to compare courses and stuff. No more downhill!

  2. Awesome, Laura!! Sub 3:00 in only your 2nd 26.2!! So many people I know didn't do well in Boston this year because of the wind and temperature change. Are you heading north again in June for Market Square Day Portsmouth. I may sign up to avaoid getting shut out then something will come up - I'll let you have my bib again!! CONGRATS !!

  3. Thanks Bob!!! I'm still on cloud 9. I feel like I'm not a 1 hit wonder. lol. I would love to do MSD again. It's not on my schedule but always a possibility. I should get a bib early, you're right! If you do it have a great time!! I love that race!

  4. One thing that is COOL is that you don't have an all-black full-body compression outfit like the two fools finishing right behind you.

    Good job on the pacing and good job continuing to improve. Keep the pace steady and don't push too hard, and keep the volume high. You have five months to train for Chicago and 2:55:00.

    Try to focus on some other race distances for maybe May-July so you don't get too focused on marathon training and either get stale of get injured again.

    In other words, analyze your last two marathon buildups and look at what went right and what left something to be desired. I.E. Just because you ran 3:03 and 2:58 does not mean training was perfect.

    THEN, don't make the classic mistake, don't go that much more VOLUME or that much faster pace. This is what does people in. 3:03 to 2:55 is 8:00 faster which is :18 per mile faster.

    Try not to go more than :20 faster in any kind of training than you did the FIRST marathon. I know you time ALL your runs so this should not be too hard to watch carefully.