Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It dumps the water on its head or the pacer gets mad

Sorry, I sometimes speak in Silence of the Lamb-isms..haha

Morning Peeps!

I don't have too much real training to share. I'm using the time post Boston till about mid June (start of Chicago training) to do whatever I want to do! No schedule. No goals. Screw it, I want to enjoy my fitness and be my own boss.

So that means in practical terms:

70-75 miles a week
5 days at the gym post run for strength training
A 30 day squat challenge

Meh, hey it's not 95 miles so it's not too hard. My pace is faster than I'd like. I'd say the 70 miles are at about 7:10 pace. I will slow my roll when I start real training so that I can add in fast stuff and not die.
For now, that's my shit around pace. haha


I paced the NCRC Invitational Half Marathon last weekend. 1:45 pace group. I loooove pacing the half. Especially on courses I know well. It was pretty miserable as far as conditions. 100% humidity and nearly 1300ft of elevation and low 70's.

Being the bossy pacer that I can be I was having my group dump water on their heads. One guy was like, "but I have a hat on." Arg, "hat off, dump water, hat on" was my reply. This is so effective I force it on people. But in the end I crossed the mats alone with most of my group ahead of me. Awwwe, love that.


Squat!! I swear this 30 day program has changed my body. I feel like my legs are stronger and that my gluts are climbing up my back. I'm doing this:


I was asked to join Gracie's team of ambassadors in getting the word out of her company's relaunch. I loved this product years ago and love it now. Most notable is the pocket on the top of her tanks and sports bra. Great for everything from keys, iPods to nutrition. Hands free running! And both bras and tanks are in the $30 range. You really can't beat it. Save your hands for your water bottle this summer and support a local runner building her business!
a zip pocket 

form fitting yet breathable and stretchy

Click here for Gracie's story

Click here for more styles

That's about it for now. Thanks for checking in. I'll keep my blog updated much more frequently when I start Chicago sub 2:55 training!! Yay!!



  1. Those tops look nice, but I just don't see them on me!!!

    Yes water on the head will keep you cool, so why not, I wish I couls line up for a half and take it easy, but me and the half have a race against the clock. I do pace friends for marathon, but if I can get my old body in shape I will maybe put the hammer down later this year...

  2. But if I have glasses on won't the water get all over those....then I can't see? LOL

  3. Laura, Finished the Vermont City Marathon in 3:22 this past weekend and qualified for Boston after 14 tries!! Woo Hoo!! Alsomost 1/2 hour slower than you but I'm happy! Running Market Square Day in Portsmouth on June 8th, starting out as a great summer!!!

    1. Bob! No freaken way!!! Congratulations!! That's almost statistically impossible this time of year. What an awesome accomplishment! You must be on cloud 9 (and your couch lol)!!! I will definitely see you there next year! Congrats again!

    2. Sounds good, thanks!! See you there! Check out Vermont City for your marathon to-do list, alot of fun, Nice course, Burlington's a cool town!

  4. OK, that squat routine looks like an enormous number of reps. I may attempt it, but just looking at it makes me picture my legs exploding, leaving me with nothing but bones and knobby knees and me looking all ridiculous.