Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Exhaustion, Goals and Boston race considerations

greasy face, exhaustion, and a dog begging to be walked. #sub3 almost done!

Hello Chaloopies!

Coming to you live from couch central. It's either the couch or the trail nowadays. Nothing else. It sucks being fatigued but at the same time it's a consequence of my bitchin' training. I'm down to about 85 miles and 5 gym days which is almost a vacation, but because it's at the end of a high build up, I am sleepy.

There really isn't anything new to report. Running, eating and sleeping is pretty much it. I'm excited to do Boston which has forced me to look into what I'll do post Boston...

After Eugene I had insane speed for about 10 days post marathon. I want to capitalize on that this time. So I put out my fishing line to search for a race the following weekend. I'd like a 10k to a half. I contacted a few race directors in Florida, D.C. and Jersey. I wanted to do the Nike's Women's half in D.C. but they said they were sold out and had no elite bibs. Not that I'm elite but by some generous race standards I make the cut. We'll see about the others : )

So, with that on the back burner I have time to consider more serious things race related.

*Will I wear compression socks at Boston?

*How will I behave in the corral post gun? I've never been 5000 people back, ugh. I'm gonna wanna punch people. I get crazy about my splits.

*Should I tan? Do I want that tan glowing skin as I pirouette across the finish line? hmmmm

*Should I follow the pace bracelet designed for Boston or attempt even pacing? Ugh.

So many things superficial or not to consider. But seriously I have enjoyed the training so much it almost doesn't matter what I run. Of course I want it to represent the time I've put into training but I'm oddly not stressed.

I hope your training is going well too! Party on friends. XO



  1. If the weather play ball at Boston it is a scary fast race and having 5000 people ahead of you might be just what you need to hold you back just a little... (one of my "girls" got carried away this weekend and ran the first mile way to fast... she was very sore at the end and missed her goal! and that was in a half)

    I alway think of Boston as down hill with the wind behind you (ok there is that little bump they call heart break hill and the wind isn't alway friendly). Now let me answer your questions:
    Socks, look at the weather first, hot no, cold yes... that is what I would do!
    Pacing? I would just think 20min for 3 miles and not worry much about anything else... I believe with the easy running you can handle that, and if you feel great at the top of the hill, HAVE FUN!!!!
    Tan, I would love it if you were tanned, but lying around in the sun (or under a tan bed) steels energy, so do it a week before the race!!!

    Good Luck

    1. Awesome intel Coach Dion, as always! thanks!

  2. You know you want to do the RunRaleigh half the week after boston.....

    Good luck! Hit your paces and have fun.

  3. Hey Laura,

    Good luck in Boston. One week to go. Wow, I envy you. Go kick some tail!