Monday, April 8, 2013

1 week out from Boston!!

Hey Guys!

We're almost there! I'm starting to leave my fatigue behind from that last chunk of high mileage and look forward to racing!

I put in a lot more mileage for this marathon. In 2013 garmin connect has me at 1132 miles to date. Geesh! That's just crazy. I found a shirt from 2009 that said "1000 mile club" I remember working so hard for that shirt into late December. How things have changed! So, needless to say 26.2 doesn't really freak me out. I sorta look at it as the celebration of my training. So I put in half a year's work and I only get 3 hours to celebrate. Kind of a rip off. But I'd prefer to party for around 2:5X anyways please!

This week is low mileage of course. I've been stretching a lot and have a massage tomorrow.

Nothing else is really going on. I'm trying to stay away from the gym. I'm eating lots of protein and trying to not snack like I'm running 12 hours a week. 6 milers with a dexatrim chaser. haha. But for real. I've worked too hard to gain any BS weight that will slow me down.

I found this on my phone from a few weeks ago. It makes me want to go workout! But I know I should I'll just blog about how I wanna work out!

I'll check-in a few days. Hopefully I'll nail down the outfit and reveal my race pedicure. ahhhhhh, race is complete without thoughtful toe art! To which my running partner is sick of hearing about. lol.

Oh and before I forget! Don't forget to track me! I'll put up my intended splits next post so you can see how bad I'm sucking or watch the magic happen!:

Continued happy taper everyone! Thanks for the support!



  1. Rock the shit outta Boston!!!!

    1. hell ya. gonna f**k that shit up!! : )

  2. We are going to watch the magic happen, I'm as excited about Boston and I'm 10 000 miles away! Really wish I was on the side cheering you guys, or better still driving a sub 3 bus!!!

    I do love the marathon and maybe I will be running another couple later in the year...

  3. holy smokes 1100 miles already? that is some serious volume! Wow, good job. You're ready for Boston.

  4. Best of luck to you! Your going to own Boston! You've worked so so so hard for this! As for the shirt, I don't think you could have trained harder.