Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dear Body: thank you!

Hi-ho my loves!

It is the end of the best week ever! I am 21 days out from my first marathon. I've done every run exactly as written. I've gone from being laid up with a stress fracture to running my 2nd 22 miler ever today. I feel good, strong and happy with my training. I was strolling through memory lane today and got a little sappy but kinda proud of the past 6 months:
August-October 2011 Sfx right before my marathon.

followed immediately by daily 90 minute swim rituals

                                                                                    and bike-a-palooza....

                                                       My first 10mm paced 1-milers on the soccer fields.

                                                              my endless sources of cross training....

                                                                         there were rough times...

                                                                and happy times!! Post 22 miles today...

In the end I am very happy I am:

*not injured
*enjoying my training
*kinda doing well pace wise
*not injured!

I am not going into my race thinking it's my personal olympics. I am actually very chill and just want to have fun and do my best.  The 70+ miles a week are my meat and potatoes. This race is really just one run, one day. (I kinda hope I have a TAD more fire on race day but eh...)

For formalities sake:

Monday 7 miles @ 7:28 pace
Tuesday: 8 miles @ 7:23 pace
Wednesday: 14.22 mile tempo. Very happy with this one.
Thursday: 6 miles at 7:12 pace
Friday: 8 @7:15 pace. negative
Saturday: 7 @ 7:30 pace
Sunday: 22 @ 7:22 pace WITH relative monster elevation
TOTAL: 72 miles

My 22 did not have any goal pace. I ran easy and put in almost 1000ft of elevation to keep my wheels from coming off. I tried hard to keep the later miles slow so you can see some herky jerky splits. In the end endorphins won. It was a great training run. Unfortunately, my last long long run before my marathon.

PS. I'm back on speed bag and a VIDEO will follow soon. haha!

Happy Running Peeps and thanks for reading.



  1. Awesome job on the comeback. and you got it right, the races are fun and give us something to aim for but it's the day to day training that makes it all worthwhile.

  2. I've been injured enough to not run x 2 weeks and keep coming back to this post for inspiration. Thanks for the reminder that injuries do heal.

    1. aweee!! Thank you! Like my ortho says, "bone heals stronger!" Once you're confident in your recovery get out there, run smart and kick some ass! Having a previous injury really makes every footstep a blessing. On days when the conditions are horrible, or it's 5am and I'm starting 20 miles, I always remind myself how lucky I am to be able to run. Happy healing friend!