Friday, April 20, 2012

Not so patiently waiting T-8

Happy Friday!

My general happiness starts to fade when my run does. Then it's 23 hours of self doubt. Pace calculations. Race strategy changes. Nutritional reassessment and the like. Oh this is fun! Nice. Beautiful!

Some of it's exciting, no doubt. But I wish I could fast forward a week. Until then I've added some quirky things to my routine just in case they help.

I run along a river. The river is freezing cold. I've started soaking my legs for 10 mins post run. I'm not sore or hurt but it feels good and it's nice to sit down after a run..and THINK!
This is so peaceful. You'd never guess I have 400mg of caffeine in me. lol

I can do it!
It's possible...maybe, ahhhh!

Ahhhhhhh!! I hope this is relatively normal. I'm a creature of habit. Sitting on the river is NOT my habit. Imma trying!! T-8 days...I can't wait. Woooha!!!


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