Sunday, April 15, 2012

I **may** be fast...but not confirmed!

I'm not outright saying I am, but I could possibly be one of them. You know, a fast(ish) girl. It could be a fluke. Who knows. But the possibility makes me go, ahhhh.

This week was a gift. If I tank my marathon or never run another mile I will remember this week as the best week ever! I floated at 7 pace everywhere. Tempo was good. My legs haven't been sore or tired in a long time. The real fight is not running too fast.

Today I had my last long run of 15 miles. The middle 12 were at 6:38 pace. Here are my thoughts during this part of the run:

*How is this happening?
*Why does it feel easy?
*Putting the brakes on only get me to 6:40 pace.
*I'm bouncing too much. This feels too Valley Girl...
*I'm still going...hmm
*OMG, I could pr my half time including a cool down mile.
*I have talent!
*No, I don't.
*I'm gonna bonk at mile 24 of my race
*But shit, I'd still do well.
*where the hell is the damn wall?
*I am definitely wearing my Brooks Pure Flow for my race.
*can I pull off booty shorts with race photography?

I had planned on running 7 pace for the 12 and possibly descending to 6:50 because I thought that is what I had. So this throws a wrench in things. Do I shoot for more than a 3:15? Err. I want to enjoy the race yet do my best. Are they mutually exclusive? Aye.

I like data and evidence. So I'm trying to figure out why I am getting *better* for lack of a better term. lol.

*I ran 62 miles this week. That is about a 10 mile reduction in my week. Taper effect? I still did the hard workouts.
*I lost 3 pounds. I like to weigh 105. I weigh 102. Maybe my running economy was helped that way.

I don't know!!!!! But I pray it lasts 13.5 more days!!

I have 2 weeks of taper ahead. I hope I arrive at the start line with my mind intact and some Valley Girl bounce. Woooha!

Happy Running Peeps! Thanks for reading!