Sunday, April 1, 2012

No wonder I need a nap

I used to hang my hat on my weekly mileage. Now I don't even add it up until Sunday. This week was 73 miles. No wonder I crashed into a 2 hour nap today!

Monday: 8 miles @ 7:27 pace
Tuesday: 8 miles @ 7:09 pace
Wednesday: 12 miles. 1 hour easy then 5x5 tempo at 6:35ish pace, 60 second recovery
Thursday: 7 miles @ 7:41 pace
Friday: 8 miles @ 7:36 pace
Saturday: 9 mile @7:30 pace
Sunday: 20 miles @ 7:35 pace.

Wednesday kicked my ass. Sunday's run started at 4:58am. I had no other choice. I needed to get it done. I kinda forgot how hard it is to run in the dark for that long. I had planned on adding some tempo in there after mile 10 but it was still dark and even with my headlamp it seemed too hazardous to run that fast in the dark. So I just did the miles at a nice pace so I didn't wreck my legs for this coming week.

But just when I think I have high mileage I went out to see my friends run the Umstead 100 mile endurance run. That is some intense running right there!

Well, I can finally say I am running a marathon this month! I guess I won't break my leg this go round. I haven't purchased air yet and probably won't until taper. Been there, done that and lost $500. lol.

T-28 days.

Have a great week guys!



  1. Make sure you take some iron... You may also be running into anemia, I know I have been dealing with it for the last 3 mths

    1. totally. I have thalassemia. It's basically chronic low iron. My hemoglobin is always at 10. Normal people have 12-15. I have no idea how I function the way I do. I take iron but it's genetic and doesn't really help. I just drink a lot of coffee. lol. Get yours back up there! Bean town is comin!

  2. Great running! Naps after the long run are the best! I can't wait to see your time for the race! Your going to do awesome!

    1. thanks and same here! I'm following your training too. Cheers to great races for both of us!