Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Fast Fail...


I can not say how irritating, annoying and unacceptable it is to have your body not cooperate with your mind. Today I had a track workout to do. 600's. I did my usual morning routine. Then as I was about to get out of the car I just couldn't. I was exhausted. I have every excuse in the book: crappy sleep, 22 miler, killer swim workout blah blah blah...bottom line: Fail. #1 to be exact. Mind you, this NEVER happens!

So I went home and laid down for a little bit. Never taking any of my running clothes/shoes off.  As I always tell others NEVER take your running stuff off until you get it done. So I got up and had huge amounts of caffeine. Espresso, hammer gel, caffeine pills, fat burners. Just trying to wake up. I got back in the car and drove to the track and started my warm up. As you can see I ran 70 yards at 8:53 pace and quit. Fail #2. I was tired. Plain old tired.

So, now it's not even noon and I've had 2 fails. Wonderful. Well, I needed a pedicure today anyway so I had another hammer gel just to get my ass to the nail place. I texted my friend and coach Eric. Here is what I remember:

Me: I can't run. I'm tired.
Eric: What do you mean? It's that swim workout yesterday. You did 1 hr and too hard. Unacceptable. Where are you?
Me: Getting my nails done.
Eric: Ohhh, I see. So what we have here is a big fail. It's not "I'm gonna beat you" It's I'm gonna fail. It's not "1fast-frey" it's 1 fast fail. etc etc etc...
Me: um, nooooo! I will get back out there tonight and try again..
        ****meanwhile gritting my teeth thinking no way did he just call me 1 fast fail....errrrr. Fuck that!

Fast forward to 7pm. Attempt number 3. I pull up to my ghetto track and see a lacrosse practice. I needed 5x600 with a total mileage of 9 miles. I figured I'd pad the warm up and they'd finish. I schlep through 4 shitty miles at 7:43 pace tired as hell and trying to conserve energy for the magic that I will certainly lay out on the track. Because I am NOT a fail.

I come back to the track and now there are cars on the track and tents set up. It's not happening. Now it's out of my control. I am LIVID. I call Eric. I said listen, I'm going to cry. I've done warm up. Now what? We decided to do my 12 for tomorrow today. I quickly hung up and did 8 more. Still tired but pissed enough to pick up the pace to 7:20avg. I didn't come prepared for a 12 miler. It was very hot out so I ended up carrying a huge bottle of Aquafina on my run. Not ideal. It felt like that shake weight from T.V. lol

So, I did a workout. Not the workout I was supposed to do but at least I did something. I think doing a workout with adverse circumstances is good for you. Being "tired" and not doing anything works for some people but for me the psychological repercussions are waaaaay too extreme to enjoy relaxing on the couch after a fail. I'm glad I did the 12 and will be happier when I do the 600's tomorrow.

And I'm writing this at 11pm because I'm finally too jacked and can't sleep!!!! Help me!!!!

Oh well...have a good night peeps


  1. Your body is asking for rest! You need to learn how to listen to it or else you will get injured. You need to know when to back off. Hold off on exercise when you’re sick or feeling very fatigued. Cut back if you are struggling with an exercise session, feel faint or suffer persistent aches and pains in joints. This is one of the easiest things to see.... If you ran 22 miles Sunday you probably haven't recovered from that run. Keep your head up!

  2. I'm with Benny on this one! Sometimes you gotta rest girl! It doesnt mean you're a fail..it just means you're tired!

  3. Thanks guys. I agree. But because I wasn't sore or physically hurt anywhere I felt I needed to push it. I don't think I've ever been just tired and not had a specific issue like being sore. Shin splints or something. So just tired felt like a fail. Definitely a learning experience. I don't think I could go through a day of that again. ugh.

  4. 22 miles takes a lot out of you... even if you don't notice it the next day... nice job on the 600's today though!

    Oh, and I believe the definition of fail is having a bunch of chain smoking soccer groupees make fun of how you breathe after they've kicked a soccer ball at you :-)