Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cut back week is over!

I love routine. I like my mileage. I have a coach who doesn't care what I "like." Enter---> cutback week.

I understand the premise. I agree with it. However, I don't LIKE doing it. But as I have been told many times "LaBella, you're not running for fun, you're training." True. Still, as David Alan Greer and Damon Wayans say : HATED IT! I hope you remember the show In Living Color from the early 90's. Forget my $100,000 education with a 3.99 cum gpa from The University of Miami..Forget that, 75% of my vocabulary is from this show. lol!

Okay, so here is my week. I keep a hard copy. Old school style..
I didn't anticipate sharing this. kinda messy.

I love to write about my long run. Lately, my Sunday long run has been great. I am so grateful beyond belief. Today it was 15 miles. Because it was shorter I decided to hit the hills of Umstead. I started at 6:30am with a plan of doing whatever felt good. I knew a few groups that were going to be out there and tried to join in for a few miles with each. First, I saw John and Pavel.  We did most of the run together. Along the way we picked up Tim Meigs and Rob Wilson. Everyone split off at some point and I made it back to my car. I can't tell you how grateful I was to run with others! Most of my runs are solo.

Nothing major. I felt great. Hated to stop at 15, but I have 22 next Sunday. Holla!

For nutrition on this run I had: 1 Gatorade Prime on the car ride over, 2 "Sport Legs" pills, 8oz of espresso, G2 in a handheld, 1 Hammer gel and 2 refills of the handheld with water.

Happy Runnings Friends!


  1. Have you tried the Huckleberry Hammer gel? It tastes amazing but I don't think it has caffeine. Congrats for making it through "reduced mileage week" without going completely insane :-)

  2. Funny you ask Meghan. Someone gave me a huckleberry the other week and I snubbed it. Maybe I will give it a shot!