Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Honey Badger Breakfast

Every run has a purpose. Today my Wednesday 10-miler was about guts. Running on empty in the face of extreme fatigue. Some people head for the gym or reduce speed and mileage. I don't. I have a plan. It is called : Toughen up LaBella. I've had a few races lately where I feel I wimped out. So I figure if I can gut it out on training runs it won't feel so bad during a race. I have a few races in mind coming up and they are not easy so I believe this will help me. I hope! If not, see ya on the treadmill. lol.

Conditions today were deplorable. More so than usual:

I ran late morning. Never fun. The heat index was 95 degrees. The elevation was 600feet. The air was so thick it was hard to swallow. And I had to deal with the greenway sweepers and lawnmowers stirring up the dirt for 2 miles. I was looking for the camera crew. Clearly, I was being punked, right?!

That type of stuff fuels me. I did the run @ 7:18 pace with the last mile sub 7. Probably one of the hardest runs this summer.

For the run I had:

9oz of G2
9oz of water from a fountain

Before the run I had:
5oz of espresso
2 Sport Leg pills
B12 gummies
a bag of extreme sport beans

After my run:

You know I love Espresso Hammer Gel. Someone joked that I probably put it on my toast. Good idea!! Screw Nutella!

Tomorrow's tempo is going to be tough. Not sure about that one!!!

Happy summer peeps! Stay strong. Don't fold!


  1. I've contemplated using gel as flavoring in my coffee :-) nice run!

  2. Best idea ever Meghan! I'll try it tomorrow! thanks!

  3. I've used gels in oatmeal before...mmm.

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