Sunday, July 24, 2011

Get it!

Hell to the ya..Word to ya mutha! This week was my highest weekly mileage: 76 and today was my highest daily: 22.  Not bad for 6 days of running. I am slowly learning to take each run a littler more seriously and not run balls out like a 5th grader everyday. This week went like this:

Monday: swim
Tuesday: 12 miles at 7:30 pace
Wednesday: 10 miles at 7:18 pace
Thursday: 14 miles total. 6 @ 6:30 pace
Friday: 8 miles at 7:18 pace
Saturday: 10 miles at 7:40 pace
Sunday: 22 miles at 8:01 pace. Last 4 miles faster. Last mile sub 7 (just for tradition)
***note all these miles were mid morning at 95+ degrees expect for Sunday at 6am and maybe 90 degrees. But you were probably running in the same thing too. lol.

My long run details:
22 miles
8:01 pace
Umstead Park : 1600 feet of elevation (fricken hilly)
My wing men: John and Pavel. Neither "needed" a run that long but they were soooo kind as to keep me company. I truly would have tanked without their help. Thanks guys!

I have to say the hardest part about that run was staying at a reasonable pace. I 'know' there is no need to race my long runs.  This was good practice. I had two fears though: 1. I was going to go too fast which isn't really the point.  2. I wouldn't want to run 22 miles and lose it mentally. Thankfully neither happened. I figured around mile 18 I'd change the pace. I just wanted to get it done by that point. I am happy that I dropped the pace and felt fine. yee-haw!

I had one hammer gel, g2 and park water 3x. Including the dog bowl fountain, errrrr...Mile 21. It had to be done. I just filled my bottle. I didn't get down and lick it! Gimme some credit!

All and all a great week in deplorable heat. I look forward to my swim tomorrow. If anyone wants to go to Pullen Pool let me know. Deep water swimming is scary fun!

Party on peeps. Happy running!


  1. 22 Miles !!!!! I could only make 21km for sundays long run...

  2. umm, coach dion..that's because you just did a marathon on top of the swiss alps! I'm sure you'll be back at it uh, tomorrow ; )

  3. Good god woman!! What are you training for?