Thursday, July 28, 2011

I hate running...

This is how my weekday training days go:

5am: I'm just waking up and dreaming of running. Actually, I do dream my splits on most days. And try to beat them.

7am: I'm in my running clothes by now. Super excited. I can't wait to go!

8:00-8:03am: Ouch. The first steps are always the worst unless I stretch really well.

8:04am until the next gazillion miles are over: I LOVE running. I am going to kick some ass. I love this sport. I love my high mileage. I want 80 this week! These shoes rock! I may even take up single track because clearly I have talent (ha-ha). I don't want this run to end! I love running!

fast forward to that evening...

6pm: I can't move. I can't make dinner. Cereal tonight guys. I'm just gonna lay here for a minute. I'll set my blackberry alarm for 20 minutes. Please don't anyone talk to me.

7pm: WTH There is no way I can run tomorrow. My legs feel like cement. This is unreal. I can't even walk right. My quads look manly. I have permanent scarring from the tag on my booty shorts. I can't deal. I want to go back to Half training.

8pm: Screw it. I need to revisit the 5k. I would love track twice a week. I don't like marathon training. I don't want to ever run that far. Who talked me into this crap?

8:10pm: Lights out...dead to the world. ahhhhh


5am: Holy shit, I feel GREAT!! I can't wait to run. I'm gonna pad my mileage today. Hell, I'm going to Umstead again. I love running!

Please tell me this is normal?


  1. The only thing I don't understand is if you are awake at 5 why does it take 3 hours to get to your running? if I'm awake by by 5 then I've run and got to work by 7...

    So as Forest Gump could have said: Normal is as Normal does...

  2. Coach Dion, I have gazillion kids. okay, 3 but they are young and I have to get them up and to school. So by the time that is done it's blazing hot out and mid morning. It works out great in the winter but now when it's in the 100's by lunch it SUCKS! Another month and the temps will start to drop. yay!!

  3. The heat is doing that to you! hehe I always feel my legs like bricks in the months of may june july aug sept! These are the months that everything aches, then once the cool weather comes in... I get my bounce back! :)