Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another 20 for the books!

Ah yes, another 20 miler done. There is some victory that starts to creep in after mile 17. Running 20 miles is an accomplishment, I think.

Today I ran in Umstead State Park today. Probably my favorite running location.

Temp: mid 70's to mid 80's
Humidity: 88% in the beginning. It got much better though
Start Time: 6:30am
Total time: 2:27 Pace Avg: 7:21 Last mile 6:57.
awe yeah!

Here's how the run went in a nutshell:

20: # of miles
1385: Total feet of elevation 
1612:  # of calories burned
5: # of pounds lost in sweat.
30: # of ounces of water and G2 I drank
1: # of times I saw my running partner get water from the dog bowl fountain.
1: # of times I said "I feel high!!" after taking my first gel ever.
6: # of miles I felt high and ran oddly faster after the gel.
6: # of miles running partner seemed confused with new post gel pace.
3: # of random sub 7 miles.
5+: # of people that gave me a shout out on the trail and I still can't recall their names. Err!
1: # of times it felt completely appropriate to put lots of ice cubes in my sports bra.
2: # of failed bunny hops over a gate in umstead.
4: # of times I profusely apologized for going the wrong way at mile 15ish up a STEEP hill just to turn around. 
2: # of laps around the parking lot for garmin to click 20.
1: # of turkey sandwiches I brought Brian for doing 20 with me at 6:30am BEFORE he worked 8 hours. See graphic above. Rock on friend!
1: # of grinding rim scratches I heard while parking against the curb in the breakdown lane to deliver said sandwich. 
6: # of days until my next long run. Woooohooo!

Awesome run! That ends a 67 mile week. 

Party on peeps. Thanks for reading!

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