Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Running!

BRUTAL. That's all I can say about running in Raleigh, NC everyday in the summer. I just don't get how the humidity can be 100% yet no chance of rain. The steam off the sidewalks gets just high enough to choke you. It's like I'm continuously trying to pass this bitch. but...can'
But, it is what it is. I do my best. Something really happens after mile 3 that makes it easier. I'm trying to figure it out. It's either:

a. delirium sets in
b. I've lost enough water weight to move faster (I avg 5lbs per run)
c. fight or flight. I think I feel like I need to save my life and get there faster. lol
d. endorphins?
e. that's about when all my creakies and tight muscles loosen up.
f. because I'm a wanna be bad-ass and I can.

Answer: all of the above!

By mile 4 I have that "hell ya. take that bitch!" attitude. By mile 8 I become a sprinkler stalker. I can fully drench myself  yet avoid my ipod and shoes in 30 seconds or less. Talent right there! From mile 10 and on I'm usually focused on my average pace and will haul ass or keep steady ass to hit my target.

This week I did:
Monday: 45 swim
Tuesday: 9 miles. 8 miles @ 7:05 pace and then 100's.
Wednesday: 10 miles @ 7:01 pace
Thursday: 12 miles with 30 minutes at 6:30 pace
Friday: 7 miles @ 7:14 pace
Saturday: 10 miles @ 7:15 pace

Tomorrow I have 19 miles. That is 67 miles for the week. I have to run early tomorrow. At 5:30am I have to hit start on the garmin. Ugh.
Ok I've had 1 hammer gel in my life but it makes me feel
so "ultra-ish" ps. Chaz this may work for you ; )

Alright peeps. It's probably my bedtime. Time for my 3 faves: Compression socks, Icy Hot and 2 Motrin. Such a beautiful thing.


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