Saturday, October 25, 2014

How my returning to running is like a Urinary Tract Infection.

I promise!

Hey Everyone!

I was on a double today and the perfect analogy dawned on me. I have no idea where I come up with this stuff.  I'm going to assume you've had a UTI at some point in your life. Or have heard about them. They remind me of how my return to running has been.

Here's what the medical peeps have to say about UTI' symptoms:

  • A persistent need to urinate,(run) even after you've just gone.(ran)
  • Upon trying to urinate frequently (run doubles), very little urine, (speed) if any comes out.
  • General fatigue. (from pretending you have your old fitness)
  • A potent, bad smell to the urine. (This one is literal. Because we all hate water)
  • Nausea. (from eating too much before a double)

YES!! Running is like a UTI! I would say this applies to most runners when they come off an injury and return to running. But for me this is life. I love to run. I cannot get enough of it. I hate water. And yes, doubles always suck! But I want to run again!! And FASTER!

I'm not even going to try and segue this into another topic! I hope you all have a great weekend!!



  1. how did I miss this one yesterday? Anyway, you are a nut ! And I love it !

    1. I didn't link it to FB. It's kinda out there. Lol.

  2. Feeling flat on a run... My wife would go for a run and know things weren't right...

    With me still 'fighting' an injury, it's the I can't run flat-out! Just running fast is sore, so we just run slowly, because we have to run!!!

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