Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nothing but CORE!

Hey Guys!!

Happy Sunday! I hope you got your long run in. I did my longest long run post injury: 1 hour 15 mins. I almost got 11 miles. But not quite. I went to the beach for some flat, easy running, but instead I was nailed by the beach winds. But the views in NC are gorgeous!

I used to post my core updates weekly. I quit because I kept doing the same stuff and getting the same results. During my "time off" from running I changed things up a bit. I feel soooo much stronger on the run. Between the glutes, core, abs, hamstrings, quads…it's all adding up.

So I wanted to post my core workout so you guys could maybe copy and feel like a bulldog on the run too! If you're a female in my age group, please disregard. haha

I try to vary it daily but the reps are the same.

*200-400 stability ball crunches
*50-100 leg lifts. I lay on a bench and keep my legs straight and then boost my feet in the air at the top.
*50 Roman chairs or increase leg lifts on the floor if you're at home.
*100 hip thrusts. These actually are core terrorizers! Stability kicks in. I'm using a 60lb barbell with     these now. I'll do an 80lb for the last 10 reps.
*Instead of hip thrusts I'll sometimes do lots of single leg glute bridges with a 10lb plate on my hips.

This takes no time at all. You'll feel stronger and run with better form.

I have to give a shout out to diet here. You've gotta eat the protein. Your muscles won't give a shit unless they are fed correctly. If you do all this and don't eat right it's tantamount to throwing a piece of Bruschetta in a fish tank. A WASTE OF TIME. And turns everything else to shit. The muscles will say buh-bye. I eat 100 grams a day. Just throwing that out there. FEED YOUR BEAST!

Here are some pics:

Mile 1 of my long run.
Single leg glute bridge. I have done 1000's of these. LOVE!
Post long run. Probably the strongest core to date. By feel not look!

Post long run sun

Does this ever get old? NO!

I'm still working on getting photos of my other exercises. It's so much easier to understand with a photo.  I'm kinda liking the beach venue. Maybe I'll drive back and "do it for my blog followers." Such torture!  You guys rock!

Thanks for reading!



  1. beach headwinds suck - the first day on my mini-tour I did 37 miles from cedar island to Beaufort - 10 to 15 mph the ENTIRE time. I was so whupped, I can't even tell ya. I feel yer pain.

    1. Tom, my ARMS hurt from running in the beach wind! It's unreal! Wind on the bike almost stops you cold. But makes us stronger! And no you're not a koala!! That made me laugh!

    2. if you knew how lazy I have been, you'd rethink that "not a koala" comment, for sure. :) But I'm trying to get this knee cooled down a bit and it just. does. not. want. to. behave.

  2. I wish I had your dedication to core work!!!

    1. J. Ford! This is the key! Tell yourself that you're either going to sit on the floor for 20 minutes or you're going to do 20 minutes of core. You're not allowed to get up. Trust me you won't just sit there. There's so many times I sit in my car for 10 minutes before going into the gym. In the end I tell myself that I have to go into the gym. If I want to sit there for an hour that's fine. But I'm going into the gym. It always works!