Monday, October 20, 2014

3 Tips that will get you on your way to a rocking core!

Hey Everyone!

People are always asking me how I stay motivated to do core work. It seems like we all have the same dilemma. We hate to commit to getting on the floor and struggling. Watching our gut pulsate and quiver for what seems like no reward. I mean, that's core in a nutshell.

BUT!! That's just the beginning! Then it gets easier. You will become stronger. You will feel a 2, 4 and 6 pack evolve. Then the addiction begins! But to get you to the addiction stage I have 3 key tips that are guaranteed to get you on your way:

1. You MUST do core when you wake up. Do it while the house is quiet. While your coffee is brewing. It must be peaceful. Make it part of your waking routine. I know I've expounded this tip before but it's so important.
     *DON'T say you'll do it at night. You won't. Guaranteed. Besides, core with a full day of food in your belly is uncomfortable. You won't keep it up.

2. Treat yourself like a 5 year old. Your job is to do about 20 minutes of core a few times per week. So when you start turning into a pissy pants and making excuses tell yourself this:

     *I will get on the floor to do core. I will stay there for 20 minutes. If I don't do core I have to sit there. Trust me, you'll do some crunches!

(I use the same logic at the gym. Sometimes I sit in my car for 10 minutes and I don't want to go in. I always force myself inside and say in 3rd person to myself, "Sit there and pout if you must, but you're staying there for X amount of time.")

I have never sat on the floor and refused core nor pouted on a bench at the gym. Do it!

3. Do leg lifts to make you humble. They are horribly difficult. You'll make ugly faces. You'll fart. You'll feel like a piece of shit. BUT with time they become so much easier. Almost like walking. You'll have such an appreciation for your new fitness you won't let it go.

I really think you guys should try these tips. I know you're not that defiant! You just need a little nudge!
I really think the Core VS Timeout like a 5 year old method will help. Self discipline!! You guys have got it!!

I hate core pics! But it's only fair. This is a core post. This was yesterday if you're keeping up with my workouts…


  1. I love a 6 pack... of beer so I have to work really hard!

    No I really love the ripped abs, and I want an 8 pack, so I'm working on the bottom two!

    1. You can probably have both 6 packs Coach Dion! I am not so lucky! I hope you're feeling better too!

  2. It certainly works for you! Looking good :-)

  3. I did my core work this morning! I blow the 6-pack in the kitchen, though. bone it. I want my strength.

  4. Kiddo, you keep me pointed in the right direction - I might be in the recliner, but I'm still facing in the right direction! I'm taking a week to ten days off to try and get this knee under control, but I reckon I can do core work during that time, right? Right!

  5. I agree. Early morning worked! I usually wait till the end of the day and then find a good reason to not do it. Funny how I can always find the time for an hour run but come up short for the 20 minutes of abs. Run Happy :-)