Sunday, October 12, 2014

Week 2 of Comeback Running: The Trials and Tribulations and need for fashion.

Happy Sunday Guys!

I keep attempting to post an update, but I can't capture a consistent emotion to describe the last week of running.  I expected that when I returned to running 5 weeks post fibula fracture I would feel like this:

Days 1-3 sore and slow
Days 4-6 speed back
Days 7-12 marathon pace back.

Instead it's been:

Days 1-3 I can RUN but this hurts like someone beat me.
Days 4-6 Why am I breathing like a water buffalo??
Days 7-12 Love, hate, love, hate…but it's coming around.

I make this face often when I look at my Garmin

So, overall BETTER is the best operative word I can use to describe the past 12 days. Here and there I get glimpses of my old self. It's very hard because part of me wants to behave and run 8 pace. And the other part of me says: Uh, you've never run 8 pace, why start now? So I have settled on mostly 7:30's.

There are 2 camps of people that love to voice their opinion.

CAMP 1: Why are you running so fast so soon? And why are you complaining so much about running my 5k pace? It's insulting.

Dear Camp 1: This is all I know. I have never run a 9 paced training mile in my life.  I'm not insulting any pace. But we all have our go to pace and mine is 6:50-7:10. This does not mean your pace sucks. It means I want my normal, just like you do. I am just as happy for you if you run 5 pace or 13 pace. Whatever makes you happy, makes me happy! Easy peasy. Don't read into it!

CAMP 2: LaBella, what the hell are you doing? Are you going to train already or what?

Dear Camp 2: I know most of you are my sub 2:45 friends. I know you want me back out there as much as I do. I am behaving and following my coaches advice and training schedule. Calm down. Give me a week or 2 more. I'll be right there, promise! We'll do a half soon.

Both camps have passion for our sport. That we can all agree on. There are never any hard feelings. I love you all! Well, most of you. lol.

Today I had my longest run post injury. 1 hour. I ran 8 miles at 7:35 pace. I finished the run in great spirits. Almost giddy. Why? Because I realized I will get to run 3x that distance, plus some AND do so a whole minute faster during my next marathon. That is exciting! I say, "GET" to because I haven't lost it. I still have the drive, passion, focus and slight psychopathic tendencies needed to succeed.

Despite having way too many 0 mile weeks, beat up cardio, and a tight body from my gym addiction I never once thought:

*I'm done
*I don't want this anymore
*I can't do this
*what if I'm not the same?
*what if it happens again?


Instead, I thought:

*how much longer?
*what muscles can I work on to enhance my next training cycle?
*How far do I need to ride my bike to equal a 15 mile run?
*Sodium and sugar are banned substances. I don't need to fight anything else within myself.
*Doubles, I'll do gym doubles.
*How many runs in a G trainer will justify the cost of the shorts?
*I'll nail all stability and balance exercises
*I need a comeback outfit. YES! This is very important. And another blog!

I am sitting here rotating my ankles 10x each way. Flexing my toes up and down. Just waiting. Waiting to experience the euphoria and have that sense of accomplishment I will get from my next long run. (Lord knows, I won't get that from a track workout haha).

Later taters!!


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  1. I love you positive attitude and would have you running fast as soon as your body lets you! can't wait to here how you are flying again!

    In the new outfit! (winter or summer?)