Sunday, November 2, 2014


Happy Sunday My Dears!

Another solid week of comeback in the books! Sometimes I get so focused on the physical aspect of running that the big picture gets hazy.  I'll research exercises to death. I'll critique my form and cadence mid run. I'll pour over the data. Nitpicking everything. While I love this aspect of running, it also detracts from what I think is my stronger asset: my attitude.

I never really thought about my attitude. I've been more concerned with how big my butt is. But people always say to me that they wish they had my attitude. Huh?

For example, I was at the gym one day with my broken ass leg a few weeks ago. I was doing some exercises and one of the gym employees asked me how I was doing. I said that my leg was fractured but almost better. I explained that my running would take off soon and I could finally get back to sub 2:55 training. I said that I missed 100 mile weeks. I said this in a very matter of fact tone with a borderline psycho stare. I probably didn't blink.  Like I was reading a book. He goes, "Wow". Your leg is broken, but you say that with such confidence. I blushed. I was just explaining the facts. This was how my winter was going to progress. I felt like I got his wheels turning. And it made me think about myself.

I am my own biggest cheerleader. If not me, who? I don't really want anyone else. Of course, I love the high 5's, support and camaraderie that goes with this sport. But I also love that I can wake up 365 days a year and tie my shoes and know that it is going to be a good day. Sure, I suck and fail too. But that doesn't define me. It's ok to have a bad run. Big deal. Move on.

I wish I could force the self cheerleader concept on others. It takes away to need for praise. The stress of what others think. Say, fuck it. I am going to do X and it will get done. Make a plan and go. I see so much self doubt, especially in NYC today. It hurts. I feel that with a better attitude and a little self confidence so many people would enjoy this sport and life a little more.

Earlier in the week I heard Kara Goucher say that she knows she cannot win NYC. I was crushed. You can't say that and toe the line and expect a miracle. It doesn't work that way. I wanted to shake her and remind her of how great she is. But it wouldn't matter. It has to come from within.

I guess the point of my ramble is to nudge anyone who is on the fence. Say FUCK IT, I've got this! Run like you're an animal. If that animal runs 13 pace then you own that 13 pace and perfect it. You'll love the results. No diet or intervals needed. Just your mind.

I care about you guys and want you to do well. If you need a pre-race pep talk I'm your girl, just holla : )

Happy Running!!


Don't ask. Run gone too long, haha



  1. I know the feeling... Having been coach at UCT for 17 years now I have see a lot of student come through over the years. Some with talent but no hunger to do well, then others with no talent but all hard work.
    I can't say I have no talent, but it's my hard work that made me an OK runner.

    1. you're more than an ok runner Coach Dion!! Puh-lease child!

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