Friday, January 4, 2013

I'm too ripped to sleep!


Here it is midnight on a Thursday and I can't sleep. Why? Because I'm too ripped! Fo real my shizzle.  I worked my abs overtime today playing with my new stability ball. I was having so much fun doing odd shit on the ball that I probably obliterated my abs. Now, I am shuffling around the house all extreme geriatric, whimpering. I can't take Motrin because I'm treating that damn ulcer from taking too much ibuprofen for running. So I shall blog...

It started off silly..wooooo, fun

Then I saw her doing this and wanted to copy, clearly...
Well, I tried all day...ain't happening! Not enough upper body strength.
but this burns!
which leaves me here...ho hum...can't sleep

I ate on the ball today, bounced watching tv, tried to prove I was the coolest mom ever, rolled out planks all day. I had no idea it would put me in a hunched over walking fetal position all night. Ridiculous. I have a heating pad on my abs people! Unacceptable. This is not jiving with my STFU attitude. Meh.

My usual was boring me...

I wanted cross bars....
But never did I anticipate ab pain!! Well, sometimes it's best summed up by the words of others.

Take it Sweet Brown because I just ain't got time for that!:

Night dears!

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