Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sub 3 in training: C'mon Boston!!

Hey My Dear Fast and Slow Pokes alike!

Here we are 12 weeks out from Boston: Sub 3! I am telling you all these 80 mile weeks are freaking awesome! I really don't get tired while running, I have way less anxiety about tempo, intervals and distance. It's a good space to be in as a runner.

Last week was a little spasy. It was going to be a cut back week so I reduced mileage on Monday and Tuesday. Then, I freaked. Mileage is my crack. So I laid out 10-15 miles a day for the remainder of my week. I ended up with 70. Meh.

I live in NC. Then weather has been rainy and or freezing and some snow. Not ideal, but hey I don't give a f**k. 

Aside from the usual miles I hit the track this week for 4x1000. I don't do track. I hate it. But it was on my schedule and how hard could 2.5 laps be when I run 80 a week? BAH! Gimme! Unfortunately, it was 35 degree with sideways wind and rain. I was alone and on an asphalt track. It really can't get worse.
I wanted some reminder of the hell. That was the best smile I could muster up!

In the spirit of AB UPDATE I have to report that the large ball I have been doing my crunches on is working! More so than any other ab routine. I do 250-350 crunches in the morning and 250 at night. In addition to some planking here and there. I got a little crazy one day and did a *few* extra sets. I cried all night. Definitely work into the higher reps.

So all else is well. I can't wait to marathon again!

Happy Running!



  1. I have been trying to incorporate core workouts into my triathlon training, I know it will really help in all three phases, but not sure what to do, except for pounding out crunches or planks! You seriously do over 500 crunches a day???

    1. I'm telling you James, back to the basics! Crunch it up! It's not as bad at it sounds. just crunch up a few inches and keep your eyes straight up at the ceiling. Don't yank your neck forward. It's a small range of motion.I keep that big orange ball in my living room and will bust out sets of 100 whenever I can. It doesn't get you sweaty and only takes a few minutes. You'll feel stronger on the run and swim. Thanks and Happy Training!

  2. did you only run in a sports bra and this thin jacket? :O

    and could you give us a bit more info on the 1000s? like rest and the times? :)

    keep it up!

    1. Hey Naomi! Thanks! I warmed up with the wind breaker and a long sleeve under but then took the long sleeve off for the intervals. Here's the garmin link for the whole thing. Recoveries were 800 jog. Thanks and happy running!