Monday, January 7, 2013

Racing Calendar

Okay, I'm a commitment phobe..."potential" racing choices. haha

I'm sitting here reading my blog list and everyone has races to report. I don't. I never do. I used to race every single weekend for a long time. Now, it's a few times a year. I know I needed a break but c'mon!!!

Sooooo, I crept on over to to check out my options. I mean racing is a skill. I practice everything else to death so I guess it makes sense to strap on the 'ol D tag. Or whatever the current technology is, lol.

In addition to the half and full I'm already doing this winter, I am eyeing:

The Key West Half Marathon 1/20. Awesome course in my second hometown. But HOT!
The ING Miami Half Marathon 1/27.
The Goldsboro Half Marathon 2/2. I've done this one. It's fast but has a meh vibe to it.
Myrtle Beach Half Marathon 2/16. Much bigger. Flat. a little bit of a drive.

I also really want to altitude train. I've run in Colorado at 8000 feet. It was the hardest freaking thing ever. So, gimme more!

I think I have too much fire and I need to use it! I just want to go already! I'm oddly not dying to set any PR's or nail any race. I honestly just love the daily grind. I've upped my mileage but I'm trying to add to it in other ways. ie altitude, racing...

I'll keep you posted. Just some thoughts. If you guys know of any other cool half's, 10 milers or even a 20k In January or February please let me know.

Thanks and happy running!

This is true. 

Which leads me to one more tangental topic, foot health....
I don't mean to gross you out with my crocked toes but I have to give Brooks Pure Flow a shout out for keeping my feet in pretty good shape for the mileage I put on them. Not a damn blister in the house!


  1. There's a great 15K in Richmond, VA supposedly. Dunno if that's too far for you, though.