Sunday, March 25, 2012

If you put your hand over half my stomach I look better.

Another freaking awesome week of training. My tempo and long run surprised me both mentally and physically. And I have CAR ABS!! Well sorta...

My week:
Monday: 8 miles at 7:27 pace
Tuesday: 8 miles at 7:22 pace
Wednesday: Tempo. 3 warm up, 3 @ 6:35 pace and 3 cool down.
Thursday: 9 miles at 7:27 pace
Friday: 8 miles at 7:21 pace
Saturday: 7 miles at 7:31 pace
Sunday: 20 miles. 15 easy and 5 descending. Avg 7:22 pace.
             Last 5 miles 6:40-6:50
Total 69 miles

5 weeks until The Eugene Marathon!!

Notes of interest probably only interesting to me but hey, I reference this blog too:

*I can run 3 miles of continuous tempo off a short warm up. I like 5-6 mile warm ups. But I did it!
*For the 20 miler I CAN go slower for 15miles and still pick it up. Normally I run long runs too fast.
*All these runs were in rain and or 100% humidity. I couldn't do that 2 months ago. Woot!

So on the abs front. I am planking myself till my arms shake. Trying to step it up. I mean it's been what 15 months if you've been following. lol. I still refuse to cut carbs.

this looked badass on my phone but now it just looks like an oblique fest. lol

And side plank abs!! Almost a 2 pack, errrr

So all and all a good week. Happy Running! 

oh ps ignore my HRM. It's broken...: )


  1. Love your abbs, and the way you are racking up the mile, you can kill this marathon...

  2. Someone just directed me to your blog and I have two things to say:

    1) You are AWESOME! Hello superwoman, and
    2) HOT ABS!