Wednesday, February 22, 2012

EMERGENCY ab report!

Aweee yaaaaaa! I was doing my ab workout after my run this morning while listening to Too Short on Pandora off my laptop. Then I thought hey I can use Photo Booth on my Mac to get some ab pics for my blog. And wallah I saw some rumblings that looked like they could be construed as abs!!!

Just to recap. I have been trying to bust an ab or even a 2 pack for a very long time now. Some of my blog followers said I should add weights. So I did. For about 2 weeks I have used a 15lb kettle bell when I can and also an 8lb dumb bell for some exercises. Everything is done on a bosu ball.

Something? Yay!!

I keep the Kettle bell over my chest for crunches

The kettle bell here is way behind my head. Very hard.

oh nooo, where'd they go?? lol. 
Well, it's a step in the right direction! I definitely feel a little bit stronger which is the point. Thanks for your advice!



  1. I wish I had the focus to do an AB workout after my runs, but I'm lazy... I can form a 6-pack if I try, but I've got to turn my body and force it! If I relax you can tell that I need a bit (lot) of work. you are looking great.

    1. thanks coach dion! It's easy to do abs post run. You get to lay down! lol. I usually run long sat/sun so no abs then. That would be cruel! Happy running!