Sunday, February 26, 2012

You too can run fast!

I am sitting here hours after my long run, during my scheduled nap time but too jacked to even form a thought. lol.

For tangent #1 I'll put this past weeks schedule. Not that I care but because I love when you put yours so..if you care, read on my dears:

Monday: 7 miles at 7:33 pace
Tuesday: 8 miler at 7:19 pace
Wednesday: 3 mile warm up, 2x12 min, 1x10 min tempo @ 6:26 pace. 3 min recovery, 2 c/d
Thursday: 7 at 7:11 pace
Friday: 8 at 7:11 pace
Saturday: 9 at 7:33 pace-->ain't no dummy. Long run tmrw.
Sunday: 16 miles. middle 12 @ 6:51 pace Very cool splits though.
Total : 65 miles

Tangent #2: Caffeine. Most of you know I have an espresso machine in my kitchen. I drink 4-8oz before I even brush my teeth. That's my base consumption. I can then open my eyes. Today, during the above 16 miler I had a little extra: gu chomps with caffeine on the drive to my run and then a Clif shot, Chocolate Cherry during.

That shit rocks! I was be-bopping along and I noticed my bounce was not as bouncy. So I spent the next 800 meters unzipping the side compartment on my water bottle to locate what is now know as crack. (30 degrees/frozen fingers) It has 100mg of caffeine. To my starving, exhausted body this was the fountain of speed. The rest of my run was fun and really effortless. Unless someone has a photo to dispute this I will call it effortless. lol.

Please go to your local running store and get one!

Tangent #3 uhhhh, I know, ab report!! Kinda, sorta? I won't give up just yet. I'm doing abs M-F after my run. Unfortunately, I added protein and reduced carbs a TINY bit but I think it made a difference. I like carbs too much to go down that road.

Tangent #4 I remember when I started marathon training 15 weeks ago.  I didn't want to tell anyone. I'm afraid of the marathon. I've never done it. It's far. Well, people were catching on so I said it out loud "I am marathon training!" I felt better. Now I'm happy to say it.

But now people are like, "Yo, LaBella, are you training for a sub 3?" My answer is: cha-cha-cha, la, la, la...NO! Hell no. I will be honored to cross the finish line. I am just going week by week and doing my workouts.

Happy Running my loves. Have a great week!

ps. Here Lagat's post win interview on his 3000 indoor. The race airs on ESPN tonight betw 7:30-9:30p eastern if you didn't catch it stream last night...



  1. I don't know anyone who has ever attacked their first marathon with this ferocity. I have to say I am very impressed with your training program and daily focus on kicking asphalt. Come race day, I am sure it will pay off.

    1. awe thanks beeranracing!! Last year I also trained for my first marathon but got a stress fx 3 weeks before the race. So I kinda want at this! I just love the training..race...ugh!

  2. Im going to try the cliff shot turbo. Could definitely use a boost!

    1. olga, you have to!! Coming from me this is huge! I mentioned it around Dan and he got uncomfortable but I'm gonna force one on him soon! LOL!