Sunday, February 19, 2012

Don't stop. Get it, get it and my latest obsession.

Ahhh yes. Today is the end of my running week. 71 great miles.

Monday: 8 miles @ 7:23
Tuesday: 8 miles @ 7:19
Wednesday: 12 miles: 2 warm up. 4X12 minute tempo (6:25-6:35) and 2 cool down. 2 min recovery.
Thursday: 6 @ 7:16
Friday: 9 @ 7:21 pace
Saturday: 8 @ 7:31 pace
Sunday: 20 @ 7:30 pace

Actually, now that I type it that looks stale. But I did my tempo and my long run okay. My long run was faster than I would have liked. However, I had a 6:30am start in temps that dipped into the 30's unexpectedly and then it down poured with 15mph winds. I wanted to get to my car. But it was easy. I miss the 20+ milers. All 4 that I've done in my life. lol.

Also, I have taken your advice and done my ab workout with a 15lb kettle bell. I am definitely working harder but nothing yet.
my Uni-ab will hopefully split into 2 soon!

BUT I have motivation for this week! Enter, my latest obsession -----> HOT CHICKS WITH ABS  You too can have a new hot chick with great abs on your FB feed everyday! Woot!

later taters!


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