Friday, January 6, 2012

marathon training....week 7

Good Morning all you fasties and slow pokes alike! TGIF!

I'm wrapping up week 7 (really week 1. 1-6 were base building) of marathon training.  All is well here. I'm doing about 60-70 miles a week. I dropped back this week a little as per my schedule. I am fine with that as I'm on a short little beach vacation.

I think on vacation we all learn how crazy we are in terms of keeping our running schedule. It sounds crazy to work a 17 miler into a day of site seeing with kids but it really isn't. Running is my morning coffee. Take it away and you'll piss me off. Give me a headwind on the beach and chapped lips from the salt water breeze and I'm happy.

I have to give props to the those who really do their slow runs. I did a 12 miler last week at 8 pace and felt it for days. But it also enabled me to crank of some good faster runs afterwards. I promise to do my slow runs with my new schedule. The fear of burnout is very real. I'll play nicely this season.

This week I had a 17.5 miler long run scheduled. I HATE the half mile but around mile 16 I wasn't fighting it too much. lol. This was a VERY cool run. Because:

*it was in the sand on a gorgeous beach
*My longest run since I fractured my leg
*very windy
*I had the most even splits ever at 7:16 pace
*never stopped, drank or ate and still felt good.
*2:07 total time

It was pretty hard to run into the wind and sink in the sand but at the same time I felt like I finally was seeing the benefit of my training. Most of my runs I feel like anyone could do. But this run I felt like I deserved. Like my hard work so far let me cruise evenly and finish without event. I've done faster and longer runs but this was definitely the most difficult.

Here are some pics:
all I have to say about beach running is that the pier is really FAR away. lol

much nicer. 50 degrees

this was my 25 degree 17 miler...ouch
post 17.5

I have a Banyan tree addiction


Well happy Running Loves. It's time to pack up and head home...Have a great weekend!



  1. It looks far to cold for a holiday be the beach, you should have come over to Cape Town!!! it hot here and they say the sea is great... I'll see it tomorrow for my 30km run (race)I hope to run at 4min/km (now you can do some maths!)

  2. Get it Coach Dion!!! Awesome. thanks!