Saturday, January 28, 2012

And one time at band camp...

The Long Run...
Post run. I feel like this photo should have a black bar over my eyes. Too much going on!

My favorite run of the week is my long run. I sometimes can't sleep well the night before because I'm too excited to wake up at the crack of dawn and slip out into the dark. This excitement ends abruptly. Usually about 5 minutes after I get home from my run. lol.
My long run today was 17 miles. Not only was I excited for the mileage but I also had new shoes. Saucony Cortana's. Kinda expensive: $144 retail. I liked them but they didn't seem worth the price tag. Maybe a $110 worthy but still a good shoe. I'll happily run them into the ground.
The Cortana
So I did a hilly down and back. 1272 feet of elevation. I will feel this tomorrow.

My splits were pretty even. It was an easy run so I did what felt easy. The avg was 7:26 pace. I wanted something near 7:30 pace so that worked. I had one hammer gel and a water bottle. It was perfect. Opening a gel with completely frozen fingers and mittens is another story. I won't even go there...

So the run went well but damn, it's the post run that is so time consuming....

post run. post food.

an hour later...with various children and pets starting to pipe up.

This run is day 6 of 7 of my week. And to get even get more tangental I'll give you my training schedule for this week, lol:

Monday: 9 miles. 7:23 pace. hills
Tuesday: 8 miles. 7:18 pace. Flat
Wednesday: 10 miler with 6x1000 @ 6:25ish pace
Thursday: 9 easy. 7:26 pace. flat
Friday: 6 miles. 7:20 pace. flat
Saturday: 17
Sunday: 7 miles easy.

Total: 66 miles

So, the long run rocks. I am happily finishing week 10 of my marathon training. YAY!!

Happy Saturday my friends....

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