Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dress like a jogger, run like a jogger? A Test.

Something happens when your weekly mileage hits 60 and above. At least for me I try to find things to do to make it interesting. This weekend I had 2 runs. One was going to be a recovery run and the other was a regular run. I was a little afraid I'd be tempted to drop the hammer on my recovery run so I had to get creative.

So I asked myself, how does one force themselves to go slower??...AH-HA!!

yes my light bulb

I know!! Dress like a jogger!!! You think I'm joking. I'm not. I put on a sweatshirt and headed out the door for an 8 mile recovery run. Clearly, if I feel like a normal Joe I'll act normal and run reasonably. Right?

Answer: Garmin here YES I ran 7:40 pace and didn't feel the need to chase anyone down or catapult myself across any car hoods. Success, right?

Run 2. Tonight. It was 25 degrees out so I did need to stay warmer. But instead of my very expensive, highly technical and fashionable running gear I donned large hoodie and left for 8 miles.
I ran in this hoodie
So, according to my theory I should have schlepped along. Well, I'm afraid I blew that theory. I ran 8 miles psychotically up and down various hills. Like a drug dog in Tijuana. I kept sniffing out the best way to run to get the most elevation for the hood I was in. It wasn't fast per se. 7:19 pace but it was hard.

So, my hypothesis was rejected. It is possible to run hard in a hoodie. 

Good night all. ; )


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  1. You continue to amaze me! Do you have a marathon picked out?