Sunday, January 15, 2012

I don't go "out for a jog"!!!

Someone said to me the other day, "Hey Laura, are you going out for a jog today?" This was my reaction:

I was offended. I don't "go for a jog." I have a meticulously thought out TRAINING schedule.  Every foot step is predetermined. I run hard or easy on specific days to reach my goal. Going out for a jog implies I have no forethought or maybe that  I need to lose weight. LOL/WTF?

I guess I was really offended because I'm in my 8th week of marathon training and can no longer run my beloved 7 pace as frequently as I would like to. This week I had:

Monday: 6 miles @ 7:15 pace
Tuesday: 8 miles with middle 5 miles @ 4 mins 6:25 pace and 3 minutes 7:30 pace.
Wed: 8 miles easy 7:17 pace
Thursday: 8 miles easy 7:30 pace
Friday: long run. 13 miles. middle 6 miles at 6:38 pace. That hurt.
Saturday: 8 very easy 7:40 pace. That hurt too. lol.
Sunday: 8 miles.
TOTAL: 60 miles

I am super excited because I'm finally getting "sore" legs again after the harder workouts. I remember this from last year when I started training. I finally feel like I'm doing something and not just pissing around. Yay!

Can't forget the dreaded AB UPDATE: ie fail update. I'm still doing abs on the bosu after my run. But not really being serious. I'm usually playing with my dog, checking my blackberry, uploading my run to FB. I'll get back to it when I get pissed off enough.

So all is good. Happy running my friends!



  1. You make that face when they tell you are going out for a jog? ha! I make that face when it calls for 10 mile warmup with the last 8 miles at 5:40 pace yikes! BTW NICE ABS! I need to work my core! :/

  2. Come run Eugene Benny!! That sucks!! I had a short warm up the other day, then tempo and then 1 hour of easy. It didn't feel bad during the run but the next day I was jacked!