Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Random thoughts from an over caffeinated runner

Hello my dears!

I haven't updated in over a week.  No news is good news on the base building front though. The last month has been 55-60 mile weeks. A few runs where I felt I got off my plateau of boring ass 7:0Xmm pace.

I did a random 12 miler last week. I had no pace in mind. I wanted to chillax. But half way to my run in the car I had this POSSESSED feeling come over me. Like I had to had to lay out some good miles. Like the Nike gods where yelling down at me: you better run! I ended up running 6:50 and pace not really pushing it. That was the sweet part! I took a self picture to document the possession:
No vanity here. I just woke up..I am crazy for posting this. oy

This is necessary:
ok I feel pretty and not so psycho. Phew!

okay, back to running....yes. 

I have added hills again. Probably half my runs are with 450ft+ of elevation. I did a 2 a day as well last week. It was fun. I haven't felt too tired or beat up lately. I am getting a little more serious as January approaches and I will have a training schedule again. The fire is coming back. I haven't wanted it for a while but as I am improving slowly my competitive side is creeping in. Yay for that!

On the ab ripper/bosu ball front. I'm still doing abs maybe 5 times a week. Mostly on the bosu. Still same old crap. I have a feeling diet would rip me up a little more but I don't care enough. I think if I reduced my carbs my running would suffer. 

same ol same ol. 

So my goal is still a May marathon. I haven't committed to anything yet. I have issues with race registration. I'm a race day type of girl but I'm learning that doesn't fly in the marathon world. 

On one more random note here is my yearly mileage to date. Which includes 2 months off for that stress fracture. 

Party on peeps. And Happy New Year!!



  1. Looks like you are building up a nice base for the new year, can't wait to read about how fast you are going to be running...

    PS the ab's are looking better than mine, it's time I did something about it!!!

  2. Just when I think I may take it easy for the day I find myself reading your posts and blogs and something miraculous comes over me-inspiration. You give us inspiration to light the running/training fire from within and keep it burning. You do this with all your hard work, determination and humor. Thanks for giving us the much needed spark we all need!!!

  3. Johnny Laura esta muy loca WTF!

    Happy New Years Laura!