Friday, December 2, 2011

Q&A with LaBella!

This is where I start most of my runs.

I know some bloggers do the Q&A blog posts every once in a while. I haven't really gotten into any of the average blogger trends. However, a lot of people ask me the same questions. I don't always have the answers. But it has made me think. So here is what I hear from people everywhere I go. Other runners, parents, neighbors, the people at Lowe's Food who see me drag my sweaty ass through their isles post run and so on:

What marathon are you going to do?

I have no idea. I have commitment issues. I plan to officially start training on 1/1 and hope to do a May marathon. I really want to do the American Discovery Trail Marathon in Colorado in Sept as well. Maybe as a long run though. I registered for it this last time and broke my leg 3 weeks before. So I really want to show that bitch who's boss.

What is your weekly mileage and do you still swim/bike?

45-50 on average. And no, for the first time in 3 years I've stopped swimming. And it's far too cold for the bike right now. Swimming killed my hair. I couldn't handle it any more. I can tell I'm not in swim shape. I miss it.

Do you get runner's high?

I've never thought about that. I'm usually happy when I run. But I'm not chasing down any special buzz. lol.

What shoes do you wear?

Right now I am in love with Brooks. I wear the Pure Flow daily. It is the best shoe I've ever owned. And I am a true running shoe snob. Only the best!

Don't you get cold wearing shorts in the winter?

Yes. My legs are typically beat red and numb. However, I don't like tights at all. They restrict my range of motion and I feel like too much fabric is going on. If it's snowing and I'm plowing through snow that touches my legs: tights rock. Otherwise I wear booty shorts for 35 degrees and up or tempo shorts if it's raining or 30ish.

Will you pace me in a race?

YES! Pacing is my favorite thing ever. I'll take 1:45 pacer half over a sub 90 solo half any day.

Do you have a coach?

Yes. I will have a schedule starting January 1.

Are you afraid you're going to break your leg again?

No. Bone heals stronger. I've broken all the popular spots on my tibia and fibula's. There's not much left.  I feel bionic. lol (knock on wood)

When are you going to stop hiding on the flat greenway and run hills again?

Soon. Please remember I was in a boot for a month and lost the majority of my right calf strength. I had no calf. It was traumatic for me when I realized there was nothing there. I limped for 3 weeks of running because I had one good leg. It's still not 100% but so much better. I feel like a runner again. I'm focused on building my base miles right now. Then I lay out some pretty stuff. ; ) Promise.

Did cross training help on your running come back? 

Yes and no. I was in good shape while I swam and biked 15 hours a week. I was unstoppable in the pool and okay on the bike. first run back after my fx gave me a huge reality check. I had ZERO running fitness. I couldn't run half a mile at 9 pace. Total devastation.

Did aqua jogging help?

I did 1 hour 2-3 times a week. It helped with my overall fitness but I can't say it helped with my running. And I kinda half assed it.

What's up with your ab ripper?

Fail, again. I'm just not finding the time for abs. When I get home from my run I'm usually freezing and go straight to the shower. I am going to work on that!

Damn, now I feel lazy. I may go buy a bosu ball....; )

Later peeps. Happy Running!!



  1. Great Post. I can identify with most of those performance issues right now, hahah, however it's just time to push on through. Maybe you can pace one of my upcoming races. How's a 1/2 at sub 1:40 in April sound?

  2. We should! 1:40 is a kick ass goal. Once you get a 1:4X it really gets fun. Have fun racing this weekend. I was actually telling my running partner Dan about your VERY ambitious week ahead. Lay out some good stuff and keep me posted!!

  3. Laura
    If you want to pace, I'm looking for a pacer for Rocky Raccoon 100, Zion 100, Virgil Crest 100, Old Dominion 100, Leadville 100, Oil Creek 100, and Hardrock if I get in. My old Leadville pacer (Shannon Price) is being a big baby.

  4. hahaha Kelly!! I've paced for the Umstead 100..c'mon down! Y'all are hard core. I wish I had the patience for distance like that. I'd burn out at mile 12. lol. Best of luck!!