Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Sunday my dears!

This week was fabulous m-f. I got some good mileage, some hills, cooler weather. Then the weekend came. I have children, small children. I didn't have anyone to watch them. Clearly, an uncomfortable thought  for any hardcore runner. So this is what I did:

Saturday: I put them in the middle of the track. An empty track. Sure, a soccer ball, a few frisbees. Brilliant! Kinda. All I wanted was 6 miles. The first mile they tested me. Every possible shit ass thing a small child could do they did. I got a frisbee to the legs, had to swerve a lane 1 kid blockade and listen to what a "slow poke" I was. lol.

Each of the first 4 laps I would yell back, "no park", "no smores tonight", "you better hope I keep running!"

So finally they found something to do and chilled out. They started high fiving me and throwing dandelions as I would pass. I was so happy. I could run and do child care!

I ended up doing 6 miles perfectly even at a 6:38 pace. Total surprise to me. I felt good and it was a little entertaining.

can't forget
Sunday, I couldn't deal with more track miles. So I waited all day until I could go out solo at night. Not my favorite especially when it's cold, dark and I want dinner. But hey-->
So I did an 8 miler at 7:29 pace through a hilly neighborhood.

So in the end I got 55 for the week when my goal was 50. I am happy. The thought of being under in my weekly mileage would haunt me all night. I needed to get it done for sanity's sake.

So the BOSU ball rocks. I've been doing ab ripper on the bosu ball when I wake up at 5:30 am.  Half the time I get vertigo because I'm still asleep and tipping all over the place.  But for one week back on abs I see promise. 

NOT a muffin top..I am grateful every day that I don't have one. I've
never had one but heard things. lol

That's about it. January 1st I start marathon training again. I am nervously excited!

Have a great week running!



  1. You look awesome girl!! Keep up the hard work :o)

  2. It's tough being a Mom runner! My marathon pal has the same problem and did something similar for a track workout. Its that or the treadmill! Way to go!