Sunday, December 4, 2011

A new fitness product!!!

Bosu Time!!

I've got the answer to getting some good core and arms: The Bosu ball!! I used to workout on this thing with my trainer years ago.  I saw it at Dick's Sporting Goods and a light went off. 

I need to up my arm workouts and abs. Now that I'm not swimming I feel weaker. So I put this in front of the fireplace and TV.  Instead of the couch I'm going to sit on my bosu ball and see how that works out..hahaha. I will keep you posted!

On the running front. I ran 51 miles this week. 13 of them averaging 6:45 pace. The rest at 7:0X-7:13. My long run was 10 miles. It's slowly coming back to me. I'm getting impatient but then again I'm not doing track or tempo runs or any real training...I'll get there!! Even if I have to run down a Those splits are coming down soon! 

Have a great Sunday!



  1. I can't imagine running that fast. I have gotten faster this year but not near that fast. I have lost 30 pounds and dropped my 5k time from 32 minutes to 26:30. I Pr'd my last race! I think the faster you run the more you want to run. Great running!

  2. awe thanks! Let the addiction begin! That's a huge pr. Congrats! Getting there is 90% of the fun. A little race bling has never hurt me though. ; )

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