Monday, October 31, 2011

Don't stop, get it, get it!

Hey All!

Just checking in. Another good weekend of running. Actually, I took Saturday off to go watch my sister race in Beach to Battleship half ironman. That was my first day off since I started running about 6 weeks or so ago.

Sunday I did a 12 miler. It was a practice run for a half I'm pacing my friends in next Sunday. I am beamingly proud to report that I ran exactly to the second 7:45 (goal) pace for 12 miles. Without stopping. Without running down the clock or having jacked up splits. Check it out. I even had 560 feet of elevation which is huge for me. When I was done I thought a few things:

*how the hell did I ever run 18 milers at 7 pace and enjoy it??
*I have waaay too much 50 cent on my ipod
*Holy f***, I just ran 12 miles. I can't wait to tell Pauline! I'm solid. It's confirmed!

The run before this one I had wanted an easy 6 miler. I was chill and ready for it because I've been running a few too many 6:40-6:50's than I should be. I was mentally set but then I put this on:
BAD idea for an easy run. Who the hell wears that and thinks they can schlep out 7:30 pace. Not me. So I ended up with 7 miles at 6:59 pace. haha. Enough to get the 6:xx but not kill myself. I am not wearing that unless it's tempo day. lol. But seriously. because I'm not on a schedule yet I tend to chase my own splits. It's so addicting and a lot of fun. I know I won't be able to do this come training time. Eh, fun for now.

Oh, oh!! As if all of cyber-land isn't sick of my bikini pictures I am super stoked to have these bad ass renditions! My super fast, elite runner friend Benny helped me out by pimping out my Miami Hurricane photos. Here are a few. I love the colors! Thanks Benny!

Happy Running Peeps!


  1. Love your bikini pictures and the fact that your running is getting back there... bet it won't be long before you are racing a half (or whatever) for yourself. I do love pacing other people in races it's so much easier than racing for ones self.

  2. I know nothing about those pics! :( What ya talking about Willis?