Sunday, November 6, 2011

The City of Oaks Half Marathon

Happy Sunday My Loves!!

This morning was quite possibly the best race experience ever!:

*This was my first race back since my (last) stress fracture. It solidified that I nailed my recovery in that bleepin boot.
*My two great friends Pauline and Pam pr'd massively with a little help from yours truly. Pacer Satisfaction!!
*Seeing 200 of my best running friends at once.
*OMG, crowd support! I LOVE you guys! I heard:

"I read your blog!!!"                                                                                
"I see you on greenway every morning!!"                                                                                  

*I was able to meet another blogger friend TP!!
*2 of my equally hard core friends Marty and John "jumped on" the full and laid out mid 3's.I guess it's possible ; )

That stuff is so cool. Thank you for every fist pump and shout out. It's a runner's dream to hear that.  I spent last weekend screaming my lungs out for friends at a half iron. It was so nice to get it back!! xoxo

Here are some great pics taken by some of my friends. Thank you so much!

This happened a lot. My friends were busting ass. We appreciated the support!
Yes, I don't mind asking my friends to jump in and take our picture. Thanks B!  
The pre race posse!
We have paced this race for a few years. It always gets better!
I've been waiting for this all year!!
Another one for the rack...woot!

Thank you all for making my day! I will see you on Greenway in the morning!



  1. I gotta get me some of those sexy pink arm warmers!

  2. Great pacing and nice race! City of Oaks is always one of my favorite... even the year it rained and was freezing cold :-)

  3. great job pacing. Happy to see you coming back strong and enjoying yourself