Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Naked Ab workout?? errrr....

Dearest Loves, I have a serious warning for you tonight. As runners, or even just people getting their workout on, we've all been in this sitch.

The scene: You just got home from a workout or run. You're nasty sweaty. You strip down and throw your clothes in the washer and head for the shower.  Cool, eh? 

Ah, uh, uhhhh, not so fast. You walk by the living room and see your ab mat laying there. (My routine is abs post run.)

Well, ya'll know I'm kinda psycho about routine. So, in an effort for everyone to learn from my mistake. PLEASE DO NOT DO ABS NAKED WITH RUNNING SHOES ON!

Yes, I did it. I just didn't see the need to dirty more clothes for a 15 minute workout. But clearly, you need the weight of shoes to do abs.  So that right there folks is pure horror.

Skip the abs, do em later but don't think you can do V up situps or bicycles without experiencing extreme laughter while simultaneously vomiting a little in your mouth.

Well, that is my intro to Laura's Abalicious Comeback Part II!!

Most of my blog followers remember when I did ab updates before. I sort of gave up after a few weeks. Well, in an effort to "keep that shit tight" I'm doing ab ripper X again.

Here are some pics from this week:


skinny ...KIDDING!
 So ya'll know my baseline of nothingness...we'll see how it goes. 15 minutes about 4-5 times a week.

As for my running. It's getting easier. 6-8 miles a day at roughly 7:15 pace. 

Thanks for reading. Later Peeps!


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  1. First up the running shoes don't make it into the house, we leave them in the garage... So for the ab workout (which I don't do enough of) I would cheat and stick my toes under the chair.

    Fat your not, but fat I am!!!!