Sunday, October 9, 2011


Happy Sunday my dears!

Another successful week of running done. I'm now 3 weeks into my comeback from a tibia stress fx. Now that I am over the bad part I feel so much better. Here's a recap of how the weeks went:

Week 1: all 2 milers. I limped and fought back tears because my calves were so weak it hurt. 10 miles total
Week 2: 3, 5 and 6 milers. All very hard 8 pace runs. 27 miles total
Week 3: 4, 6, 7 and 8 milers. Most runs around 7:15 pace. Pacing is hard. I'm falling back into the low 7's too soon, I think. 43 miles total.

I still feel weak in my lower legs. I don't have the strong push off that I'm used to. But on the same token I'm kinda excited to see what happens over the next month. I've cut down the swimming to 2x45 minutes of freestyle and the bike once or twice for 20+ miles.

So all is good in the land of recovery. I don't plan on going much over 50 miles for a while. This is as good as it gets for me considering my lack of self control when I run. PS I always appreciate your running advice. Thanks guys!

Cheers and GO CANES! XOXO

Trying to tone it down...

But I can't!

No caption needed!


  1. you are insane! running 7 min pace already... anyways good job but i think you are running too fast! btw I'll edit those jpgs later! cross country coaching is running me in all directions! :)

  2. It is GREAT to see you back. Only five more weeks for me.......sigh

  3. I'm also back have gone from 5km to 30.6km to 45.9km to 65.3km to 91.7km this week, Need to hit a 100km this coming week. But I'm still fat and slow!!!

  4. Benny, I swear I don't even look at my garmin. I'm a supporter of muscle memory for sure now. I have no idea how literally over night I got back into low 7's. This week I'm going to try and drop it back to 7:30's and add a mile or 2. Photo Shop!! You need to update your blog too! I need my fix!

    TP, bone scan results??? I'm so behind..

    Coach Dion, You are so not fat. But so glad we're running something again!!

  5. Great to see your bouncing back to your speedy self. Sorry, the word is BADGERS.