Saturday, August 30, 2014

Not so fast killa!

Hey Guys, Lovers, Haters and The Occasional Creeper!

I was hopeful that I would be thumping out 6:30 pace this morning. I have zero pain when walking or digging at my leg so I figured I would be good to go. I got up at 5am. Downed a gallon of coffee and headed out the door.

I took 10 strides and lunged back up the hill to my house.  I still get a zap in my mid leg. But the toe off is beautiful. Before that hurt too. So I feel that I'm almost there. I just have zero patience.

So I ripped off the booty shorts and threw them on the kitchen floor in protest and put on the dreaded bike shorts. Instant buzz kill. Paint me ugly. There is no feeling of stealth in those things. Sigh. But I'm doing what needs to be done.

Every year I get on the bike and my fear fades a little. Today I was hauling on the downhills. I think I got to 29.5mph. Which is about the top of my comfort zone on country roads with traffic. So dare I say it's kinda fun out there.

So I rode for as long as it took for my mind to unwind. Which was cut short by my aching ass. Sigh.

Mile 35ish

41 Miles
16 mph avg
1611 feet of elevation
Time on bike: 2 HOURS 33 Mins.

Tomorrow if I'm on the bike I am going to try to hit 30mph on the downhill if physics will be so kind. I'm not sure if a 100lb person can pull that off. Any skinnies out there have success with that?

Thanks for listening. Hopefully my blog will turn around soon. But seriously, I google my fingers off looking for people in situations like mine. I hope this helps someone else.



  1. I'm in a very similar boat as you so thanks for updating us. I have been fighting a wonky calf for a few weeks now. I can run occasionally, then the next day it's off again. No pain at all when I walk or dig around. So frustrating. I need to get on the bike and follow your cross training lead. Wishing you a speedy 100% recovery!

    1. I hear you Kristen! Wonky sucks! But I figure we'll heal up just as the cool weather heads our way. See if you can borrow a bike for a week or 2. I did that once from a local bike store. I think they felt bad for me. That or maybe a spin class. It's so hard to get my cardio up there. I need an activity that is ruthless. I'm sure you do too! Hang in there!

  2. I'm still laughing at you ripping off your booty shorts... I'm sorry you had to do that... but I'm sure a couple of days on the bike won't kill the sub 2h55.
    Go Girl