Monday, August 18, 2014

In the long run…

Hey Guys!

My wit is about as shitty as the summer weather conditions here in the North Carolina. So, I'm having trouble keeping you entertained! But, when all else fails we can talk about running! Running forever! Long runs!  The "get your ass there or you'll have to explain why you suck on social media" run.

I have changed my training some. This marathon cycle I have a lot more 20+ milers. Before I did 1-2 total pre race. Before it was a big deal to run 20 miles. Now, it's becoming customary every Saturday.

My last 3 long runs were:

8/2: 20 miles. Every 4th at marathon pace. About 6:35-6:45 goal on the fast miles.  My average pace was 6:56 and the last 10k was uphill. A great run!

8/9: 20 miles. 10 hard/10 easy. Avg 6:50 pace. It was pouring rain so hard I have no idea how that one happened. I think the term hard was relative that day.

8/16: 23 miles. This was a time on feet run. Personally, I prefer to spend more time on my ass than my feet so it was at 7:04 avg pace. No fast miles. It was 100% humidity and the temps started at 72 and finished at 80 degrees. I think I was stabbing myself in the eye after 2 hours. I dropped my nutrition and had maybe 10oz of water. Certainly, a toughen the *uck up run.
*this day had a 4 mile double at night at 8 pace.

All my runs start no later than 6am and are solo. It's kind of lonely but there aren't many takers who like this distance so early.  I carry a handheld water bottle and 2 gels. No stopping allowed. I try to keep my serious face on for as long as possible. I start each run like there is a starting line. I don't have the patience or personality to shit around for 2+ hours.

I try not to waste ANY energy with emotional junk, crying about humidity, exaggerated arm swing, an unsecured hair bun…I try to get the cadence under control and just move without thinking for as long as I can.

That turns into…Why the hell am I training in the summer?! Can I please get to mile 15?!

Which inevitably turns into: I'm a mother *uc*ing badass, it's time to fuc* this shit up and go! I've never felt crappy the last 5k of a long run. Mostly because I'm so excited to say I DID IT!

This weekend I have a harder 20 miler on deck. I may put out water bottles pre run because my hand and arm kill me after a while. And no, I do not possess the talent to switch hands. Which is why I dropped my gel last weekend. Too fancy for me!

I hope you are all doing well and getting in some distance. Fall in almost here!! Happy Running!



  1. I want to say: I don't know wohow you do it, but then I remember I too was once young!!!

    Enjoy this time of your running when you can get out there and run forever, long may it last.

    PS your legs look amazing! that must be why you run so well!

    Now don't worry about running on your own, I can't find anyone to join me for 05h00 morning runs!

  2. Awe thx Coach Dion! You rock and have been rocking forever! I'm always aghast at the stuff you pull off up hill. I'll keep plodding along for now. It's brutally hot here now but fall should be here soonish!