Friday, August 29, 2014

I thought I broke my leg. That sucked!

Hey My Dears!

What a crazy week! It ends well but a tad bit stressful for a girl mid marathon training for a sub 2:55. Here are some views from my week-o-shit:
Running and Cycle gear explosion

This is for realz. I can't do this anymore!

Insert tears

The stairs. Kinda Badass. Try and beat that, seriously. It's hard!

It's broken, it's not, Close to 7 experts weighed in. 6 voted not broken. The tribe has spoken.

So, long story short. I killed myself on my last long run. I dehydrated. I ran way too early. Up and down 1000 feet in the pitch dark. Somewhere in there I must have twisted my ankle. It happens but usually doesn't effect me. But given the extreme heat and humidity that day I took a beating. I had a horrible pulling mid way up my outer calf. I had an X-ray done to rule out that I wasn't tugging on a stress fracture. My Ortho said I had a very low ankle stress fx all the way through the fibula. I cried and cried. But it didn't make sense. I didn't have pain there. And that was the site of an old stress fracture and clearly well healed.

So I figured maybe he had some beers at lunch and was confused. I gave my films to a few Orthos I know and asked for some opinions. They all independently agreed that I didn't not have any fracture. GREAT! But I still had a bum leg. It felt like a severe strain/sprain. So if you've been reading my blog long enough you know what that means!:

Monday: off

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: 1 hour of strength and stairs at the gym followed by Bike 1: 20 miles at 15mph. Then, Bike 2: 27 miles at 17.1 mph. Collaspe.

Thursday: 1 hour at the gym. Stairs, core and arms followed by 20 miles on the bike.

Friday: A little over an hour at the gym including the stairs, core, ball, arms, glutes. Then 31 miles on the bike on hills. 

It's now Friday night and I feel better. I hate that there is so much drama involved when I go out but timing is everything. And this timing was stressful. I may take tomorrow off and then start up again. Or maybe trot about and see how I feel. Or do a Century ride. Screw it! A special shout out to my cycling friends who know they will get a call when my Garmin runs stop posting. Missed you!

They say you learn a lot about yourself via the marathon. I think you learn more when that's taken away, even if for a few days. I learned a few things about myself this week:

*Crying is allowed for 30 minutes in your Ortho's parking lot. That is it. Move on.
*What's done is done. Deal with it.
*Everyone has an opinion as to how you wrecked yourself. Ignore them.
* Focus on what's ahead. Keep your mind and fitness well.
*If you're not my Coach, back off! I don't want any negativity. I'm on a mission. 
* I will succeed.
*I'm not a quitter.
*I have wonderful people in my life. 
*I have the most supportive Coach who is very talented at feeding my crazy even if we thought it was broken.
*My butt hurts from the bike, bad.
*Being out of commission feeds the fire. I'm gunning. For the mailbox, the street, 26.2.
*I hate pity.
*I'm grateful for all of you. 

Cheers to running again! 

Laura XO

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  1. I'm not your coach, so all I can say is I'm backing you to get to the startline with a sub 2h55 in those legs...