Sunday, August 31, 2014

Long Bike. Trying to use runner lingo on the bike feels awkward.

Happy Sunday Guys!

Today was not a run day. My soleus is still cranky. So I got on my bike. It was in the high 70's, low 80's so I was secretly happy that I wasn't running. I had a breeeeeeze!

The cool thing about the bike on a weekend is that I can pretty much go anywhere, do anything. Ya know, like reading rainbow. haha Please say you got that, lol.

So I rode from my house to the greenway and then out a county. 51 miles total.

Here are some pictures from my ride:

This was a great day! Oh, so I'm clearly bored after hours on the bike so I decided to make a video while riding. It was hysterical. I was dying. I couldn't wait to upload up it. But then, I edited it incorrectly and butchered it. I'll try again to kick some bike humor over this way. 


So hang tight guys. Injury doesn't last forever. Let's make the most of it. Have a great Labor Day!



  1. Spring Day here in Cape Town...
    With Summer I could be finding myself on the bike for a couple of rides...