Monday, March 31, 2014

Rollin' strong: my first week of 108 miles!

Yo, yo, my OG's!

T-3 weeks!!! Holla!!!

Even though I don't do a 3 week taper I still feel the magic from everyone else's taper. The collective sigh that WE made it here, healthy. It's the next phase of training, a change. Today felt different when I woke up. Maybe it was the 22 miler from yesterday actually..haha.

So just a quick training update. Last week was my all time, lifetime, highest week ever. 108! And I'm super freaking proud to say it correlated with my fastest speed workout to date. 2x15 minutes at a hair under 6 flat and then a hair over. With 4 in-between miles. I usually fail this workout on the second fast part but not this year!

My long run was probably like yours. Muddy, windy, wet and disgusting. I added in 1414 feet of elevation (at 7:05 avg pace) towards the end to really throw my ego in the shitter! A very tough run. Mainly because of the wet shoes and mud. It felt like I stepped in dog shit the size of Clifford's and couldn't shake it off my shoes. Crazy.

But health wise I'm in great shape. No injuries.  I took a risk with this buildup and it agreed with me. I still have to run the friggen marathon to see how well it worked but at least the 2000 miles since December have been a dream.


These are pics from my long run. The first time I've seen mud IN my shoes.

Here are some random pictures of my training week:

Sophie, The Official Sock Darner of my Boston Marathon 2014 training! XO
Also, my fancy bike pacer for my doubles.

I hope you guys are doing well. I appreciate all your kind comments and ohhh and ahhhh each one. We'll have to meet up in athlete's village for a group high 5! Let the countdown continue!! Happy tapering guys!!



  1. While you are hitting the 100 mile weeks I'm hitting the 100km weeks... While your winter is ending, mine is looking like it's going to start. I'm every excited about the big city marathons that are coming, and while I'm not running any of them I will be watching on the TV.

  2. Very cool! You're going to crush Boston in a couple of weeks. Enjoy the taper!

  3. That is one impressive week of training you just had. Yes a group high five in the village would be great. That will be the only time I see some of you speedsters.