Sunday, April 13, 2014

One more week!

Hey oh, oh eh guys!

It's almost time! Can we just fast forward? I really dislike reducing my mileage. That's where I'll end my taper bitching because it's already been done! I just wrapped up an 80 mile week. I don't even feel like I ran. Just when the fun starts it's time to stop. I'm going to chop that almost in HALF this week. So I need to focus on other stuff like:

1. First and foremost: Don't get fat! I say that smiling. I know it's not a huge possibility but still. I'm pretty lean now and would like to stay that way.

2. Pick out something to wear. I'm still not sure. I don't want my usual Nike Pro-combat shorts. I wanted something newer. Something with more give on the upper quad. I may wear a singlet too. We all know that training is 20% and outfit is 80%. ha!

3. I hate to go all jogger on you but I like to have music for some of the race. I need to get a new shuffle and upload my playlist. Over the past few months I've made and added to an iPhone note when I hear a good song. So far:

Sympathy for the devil by the Rolling Stones
Ice cube. It was a good day.
Coolio: 1234
Pitbull: timber
Beastie boys: no sleep till Brooklyn
Tone loc: funky cold medina
Fat Joe/nelly: get it poppin
Akinyele: put it in ur mouth
Nate dogg/Warren G: regulate
LL: around the way girl
Outkast: rosa Parks
Slick Rick: hey young world
Run-DMC: walk this way
Biggie: mo money mo problems
EPMD: strictly business
GNR: you could be mine
2 unlimited: get ready for this
Biggy: hypnotize
Eminem: shake that
N2Deep: back to the hotel
KRS-One: step into a world
Alecia Keys: No One
NIN: closer
Will Smith: get jiggy wit it

4. Get my Boston manicure. I always do something special for my races. I need to look cool blowing snot rockets. Actually, I'm more of a wiper. 

I think that's about it. I am beyond stoked to be in a position where nail color is my main concern. I've never rolled up to a race with such solid training behind me, no injuries and a shit loads of miles. 

A few months ago I was absolutely bouncing off walls at my 6 min paced tempos. I'm still doing them but I could give a shit. The novelty has worn off. I'm proud, yes but I'm not impressing myself anymore. I like to walk away from a good effort feeling giddy, not complacent. For my next marathon I want 5:50-5:55 tempos. I've done all I can do for this build up. No matter what happens I have no regrets. My take away is that I can handle high mileage and do pretty well. This is great because I fricken love to run!

Some guys will drop me by 10 minutes in Boston and have peaked at 70 miles. I wouldn't trade. I prefer the daily distance. 

icing in the Neuse River after a hard run.

So in addition to all of this I will make an effort to review my running logs and pull out information that will considerably boost my ego. lol. I did a quick review of 2013/2014 milage from Jan 1 to Boston.

2013: 1132 miles in the 3.5 months
2014 : 1435 miles in the same time frame.

So more good running this year. Oh, also after months of being torn between the Kinvara 4 and the Boston 4 I decided on the BOSTON!! I figured the heel would assist in the downhill pounding.

Well, I got up at 4am today to watch the London Marathon live. Mo??? and poor Dibaba on the bottle drop. UGH! I tried to stream it while I ran at 5:15am but it wasn't working out. I'm going to nap and watch the parts I missed. I hope you guys have a stress free final taper week or crush it if you're not there yet!

Over and out!


  1. Good luck! I'll be pulling for you next week. Knock it out girl.

  2. Watched Paris the other week and then London this weekend... I also feel for Dibaba, she must have been really tied and almost looking for an excuse to fall of the pace. Mo, on the other hand, well he was scared so started slow and got slower. I think he should have gone with the big boys... Yes he would have died / hit the wall, but it have made him a good marathon running. Now he ran slowly and died what else can he do...?

    Next up you... I don't want to see you heading out for a slow run, we know you are going to go for it from the gun, good luck in eating up the MILES...

  3. Good luck, Laura! Kick Butt!