Monday, March 10, 2014

The Shit is off the Fan!

This is referencing my last post about the shit hitting the fan.  I took last sunday off when my ankle swelled up from a shoe injury.  Usually when I go out, I go out BIG. I break my leg, twice in the same bone. I rip my tendons off. Stuff like that. So a 1-day'er was nice.

I'm not fully out of the woods as I have residual swelling that is annoying. Most runners wouldn't notice it but I do. It's getting better daily. RICE all day, every day post run. It doesn't effect my run other than scare me that I could make it worse. If I have good music I usually forget about it.

So, last week I ran 95 miles. It was a very hard week of really hard wind, big hills, ice storms, hard rain/sleet etc.
Yes, I just doubled in freezing rain but it's also the same stuff I wear everyday. Help, fashion police!

This looks almost peaceful. WRONG, it was hell!

So by the time my long run came around I was a zombie. I had about 90 minutes of marathon pace scheduled inside of a 19 miler. I did an hour at 6:40 pace and then dropped to 7:15's for the remainder. I had nothing left. Oddly enough, it didn't really bother me too much after.

I have to give BROOKS some props. I emailed them about my injury resulting from the Pure Flow 3's. I asked for my money back or a pair of Launch's. Within 24 hours they responded and asked what color Launch I would like. I had them the next day. Very nice. Thank you Brooks. I'll quit MF'ing you to all of cyberspace. : )

So back to the grind. 6 weeks left! That's about all I really want to do. I'm getting tired of being tired. I'm tired of eating so much. I'm tired of all the Run Forest jokes. Just roll me down Hopkinton at 2:55 pace please! But guaranteed I'll be pissed that I'm too sore to run on April 22, 2014. ARG!

Coming up soon I have to decide on my outfit for Boston!! I have a few ideas. (okay, I've been collecting stuff for 5 months, lol) I'll do a virtual fashion show! It's the best part of training!! Finally!!

I hope you guys are doing well!

Later Taters!!


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  1. You look great, almost scared and frozen, but I love to outfit... Only 6 weeks, I race this weekend and my calf isn't great, so it's rest and hope it comes right before we start on Friday!!!