Sunday, March 2, 2014

If I'm typing on a Sunday morning then the shit hit the fan!

Good Morning Dears!!

I'll preface this to say that I'm a little irritable today. This is because I'm typing and NOT running! But I feel I need to share my experience. I'll categorize this as a non running injury. In retrospect I feel like an idiot.

So, about 6 months ago I was a Wear Tester for the Brooks Pure Flow 3. I LOVE the original. Hated the 2. So I was excited that the prototype was more like the PF1. I gave a very lengthy review back to Brooks and asked them PLEASE to stop doing the "side tongue." No one likes it. It's ridiculous.

Well, they didn't listen. I put on my new shoe and immediately unlaced the first 3 lace holes before tying them. I felt the tongue was too stiff and too close to the very front of my ankle. So by unlacing them I could push the tongue away. I wore them for a week like that. I loved the shoe otherwise. But I hated that my foot was cold where it was unlaced and I figured I broke them in enough so I laced them back up.


Then I ran 15 miles. The tongue jabbed my left ankle and made a welt. I really didn't think much of it. I wore them again the next day for 10 miles. The welt turned to a sore bruise. Then, like an idiot, I wore them for 20 miles. My ankle was now hurting. I took them off and cut out the tongue. I thought I solved the problem.

Well, too little too late. I had upset my anterior tibialias tendon. It's that thin layer right under your skin where the tongue hits. Well that's the part that blew up on my leg.

So yesterday I am looking at my cankle in disbelief. I iced, I RICE'd, I kept my foot on the ceiling, I risked liver damage to keep ibuprofen, Voltaren and arnica flowing thickly in my blood. Nothing worked.

It's now been a full day of this. The swelling is almost gone but there is a small nodule of inflammation where the tendon meets the muscle. I'm waiting for that to go away before running. A great benefit of being skinny is that I can see my tendon and everything that is going on.

So hopefully the remainder of the swelling will VACATE the building today or tomorrow. I wrote Brooks on their "defective shoe form" link. So now I'll ice and bitch all day. : )

This is unreal though! I would almost expect any other injury than this..ARG!!!

I guess I'll do do core all day. This stinks!! I'll keep you posted!!


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  1. I hope when you foot comes right the modified shoes work, will be looking for the next review... but don't look at it as a bad thing!!! Think of it was a little rest week and that you will come back ready to run even faster for longer!!!

    PS don't worry about what you weigh if you are eating enough... if you don't eat than watch you weight and eat more... I wish I could loose a bit of weight, but at 44 I think they call it middle age spread, and running 60 mile weeks doesn't help! Maybe I need to start watching what I eat?