Friday, February 28, 2014

100 miles and running!!

This was a post run selfie after a very nice run. lol

Hey Guys!!

I am seriously slacking on updates. I'm sorry!! I've hit a bazillion milestones that I never thought I'd hit. I'm so happy with my training. There is no looking back! So far:

*I did 6 weeks at 95 miles
*I am on my second week of 100 miles.
*During the first 100 mile week I had my fastest tempo of my life with half ass effort. Its always nice to not be a drooling heathen and actually remember some of this good stuff. It was also a 10k pr.

This training is definitely pushing the envelope. I've never done mileage this high. Speed this fast. Or so many doubles. I told myself I'd pull back the mileage if I couldn't perform well. So far, it's working. I will probably dip down a little before my half marathon in 2 weeks.

This level of training is almost not physical training, per se. It's pure mental dedication. The body will go. It's my mind I'm training. There is no:

*I don't feel like running
*I'll wait for the storm to pass
*I'm too tired
*My tummy hurts
*I can't do that double

For me it's more like:

*You are either in or you're out (a la Heidi Klum Project Runway) lol
*You run in the storm, or on the ice because it makes you tougher.
*eat a gel if you're tired and go to bed on time.
*plan accordingly for everything
*You may have to pend a manicure to get a double in or run laps around a Food Lion at dusk like I do 3x a week. Because it fits my schedule.

There are no mediocre training thoughts allowed near me. I hear people say I'll just bust my ass. To that I say DELETE.  I rather give 100% and find my limit then to hover under my potential. It's all about finding that fine line. Pushing my limits. If I wanted to do another 2:58 I could schlep out the same stuff as last year. That's not exciting for me. I want more power! I want more. I have more. Yes, it's risky. But HELLO that's half the fun!! Game on!

We have 7 weeks and change until Boston. 7 weeks of fun left. I enjoy the training much more than the race. The race is one run. I prefer the 1000's of miles preceding. I'd love a PR but seriously the daily stuff rocks. I know I say this a lot, lol.

I used to list my garmin links for you. Nice and neatly. But I have too many. It's a pain. I'll list the 2 main workouts. My speed workout and my long run. Everything else is pretty much 7:15 pace.

My last 2 weeks of speed were: 3, 2 and 1 mile at 6:15 pace. 1 mile in-between at a low 7.
My second was a 40 minute tempo. I did it on a track alone. So kinda cheating. But it is what it is.

My long runs have been 18-20 milers. Most have lots of marathon pace or faster. i.e. 6:30 pace for 10-12 miles. Some are 7:15 pace and drop the hammer during the last hour or so. This is by far my favorite run of the week.

My diet is still sugar free, high protein and lots of freaking food. LOTS. Eating is a big part of training. Sometimes I'll look in the mirror and freak out that I'm too skinny. I will hustle to the fridge and eat regardless if I'm hungry or not. Feed the machine!!

I'm still doing core 7 days a week. I do it as soon as I wake up. 400-450 exercises with a 10lb medicine ball on some. It's enjoyable and stretches me out before the run.
I don't love this..I feel too thin here..but it's easy to run with less I've noticed.

I know a lot of runner's keep their training private. I'm like a freaking volcano! I put it all out there. Always in the hopes that someone learns from my mistakes or my successes. I received this comment the other week and it made almost cry!!
 .... I haven't blogged about it yet but wanted to share with you that after I started adding volume (50 mile weeks) and more plant based eating I set a 10 minute PR (3:46) at the Myrtle Beach Marathon on Saturday. Totally blaming your 95 mile weeks for inspiring that.

HOLLA!!! That is what it's all about!! Thank you guys for reading!! I actually have to go do a double : )

Happy Running!!


  1. Laura you look awesome. You've got cross bars. You look very healthy IMO.