Saturday, August 3, 2013

No news is bad news!

Hey Guys!!

I am sorry for the lack of updates. I *was* stoked to ramp up my mileage and get this Chicago training going. But then my legs started to feel a little tight. I couldn't stride out like I'm used to. I felt weird. Then my ankle started to ache. And ache and then SCREAM!

Laura meet tendonitis. Tendonitis meet Laura. Bitch!

So for 2 weeks I've been off the run. I ran once last Saturday and felt great only to feel beat down on Sunday. Initially, I thought it was a stress fx and waited a good 3 weeks for an X-ray. That was negative and it was acting more like a tendon issue. Perhaps heading into the soleus.

So you know what I've been up to. 25+ miler daily bike rides and a good hour of freestyle swim. Every day. I want to keep my fitness, but more so because I really enjoy the other 2 sports. I never do them unless I'm injured so I'm taking advantage.

Here it is in pictures:

Me happily running a double a week prior to disaster fest. I was on a beach vacation....

I circled the area that hurt and started texting friends for advice

Surely, ice is the answer...

....uh, help
I could tape and run...for a day

I give up!

This is my first soft tissue running injury. I usually just break the freakin bone and get it done. I feel much, much better and planned on getting a trial run in this weekend. But I'm so afraid of putting on my running gear and taking 2 steps and getting that stabbing pain again. So, I'm erring on the side of caution and I'll probably wait until Monday. Sunday is made for long runs. Not gimpy striders in the driveway. I can't handle that! So Monday it is!

Oddly, I'm not super stressed. I haven't ruled out Chicago. I need to see where this takes me. Right now I'm babysitting my fitness and nerves the best I can. Who knows, I could be fine by Monday or hell I could get hit by a truck. I am going to take the days as they come and enjoy my fitness and hope for the best!

I'm going to update more often to hopefully help another injured runnah...or for comic relief....

Enjoy your long run tomorrow! 



  1. OK first up I'm not a physio or anything like that, but I am a coach and so I do know a few things, so this is what I would look at if I was you: First up I had a look at the picture of you on the treadmill I love it...

    Now I must ask if you know anything about 'barefoot' running, minimus shoes and all that stuff? Well if you read anything on that subject, or pop into a running store and show an interest in 5-fingers or NB minimus, the sales person should be warning you about doing to much to soon...

    So back to the picture of you on the treadmill, you are barefoot... and therefore using your calves a lot more than normal. I guess your injury if from that...

    Good luck

    1. ahhh ya, you're right Coach Dion. I never thought of the barefoot treadmill as a cause. But it did kill my feet. Good point!

  2. I hope the trail run went well! I got in a couple of slow miles this morning and felt ok after 10 days off. Tendonitis sucks. There's nothing you can do but ice it and stick to the advil and rest method. My foot tendon problems get the same treatment.

    I swim on the Raleigh Area Masters team and the coaches there come up with specific workouts for us, so it's easy for me to track my distance. You can come to a couple of practices without having to join the team. I swim on monday and thursday evenings, love to see you out there! has the practice schedule.

    1. yup, 10 days seems to be the magic number. I hate that it's so unpredictable. I was able to run yesterday and today I still feel good! Yay for that!
      Awesome intel on the swim team. I've heard of it through my tri friends. I tend to just freestyle forever. When I get bored I use hand paddles until I feel the burn. Love those!