Thursday, August 8, 2013

My 13 day injury: GONE!

YES! I made it! I survived my first case of ankle tendonitis. I figured it's worth a post about what I did and didn't do.

I could feel tightness in my lower leg for at least a good week, but when it really got me I could not run. I went from okay one day to limping while I walk the next. Clearly, total devastation mid marathon training.

What it takes to sit on your ass and heal I DON'T have. I can't do it. It's my personality. So, first I went to my ortho to make sure it wasn't a fx or anything serious. He said to chill a few days. So with that I skipped away and for 13 days I...

*took my road bike out 1-3 hours a day
*swam 45 mins to 1 hour a day, sometimes twice a day
*went to the gym a few times
*increased my protein intake and paid extra attn to inflammatory foods and cut them out.

a selfie @ 16mph!
mid solo 50 miler

*saw my PT several times a week
*received Graston Technique to break up my calf scar tissue. LOVE it. It needs it's own post.
*stretched a lot, iced 4-5x a day, NSAIDS, rice.

That sounds PSYCHO. But at the time I was doing what I felt would get me back on the run asap. I limped for a week while walking. Then I could walk normally with minimal pain. I made a rule that I needed 2 days of zero pain and zero limping before I would try to run. I thought I had it a few times but as soon as I'd feel a twinge I'd start the 2 days over.

Finally, I got my 2 days and went out for a 5 miler. It was rough. I didn't have injury pain but my legs were torn up from a 50 mile bike and a lot of strong swimming. I was sore and my legs did not feel fluid.

The next day I ran 8 and then 9 miles today. All of it is slow. 7:40-8:00 pace. Each day I have felt better. I think by Monday I'll be back to my normal self. I'm just being super careful.

Sooooo, this all begs the question: CAN I STILL RUN A 2:55 IN CHICAGO? I've got 9 weeks left. I've done several 18-20 milers. Well, we will find out! I'm not a quitter. I am realistic though. So, we will see how I do the next few weeks. I'm not going to go run 20 this Sunday. I'm going to be smart about this and see where it takes me. I think it's kind of exciting. : )

My back and arms have been SOOO sore so clearly, this calls for a photo check. Holy shit balls! I'm skeered of me. haha That's from freestyle swimming all day errry day.

So, that's about it. Hopefully this post finds some pissed off runner with a sore ankle going WTF is this?? I'll keep you updated as I see where my fitness is.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Hopefully it's gone for good! 2:55? Damn right!!

  2. I'm starting to get worried that my foot problem is actually a broken metatarsal. back to more rest for me. Good call on the Graston. I'm rolling the calf out regularly and ice/rice and it seems to be helping, then suddenly it gets worse. Inflammation can weaken the bone and cause a break, so it's good that you caught it and got it under control now.

  3. Good to see you are back...

    love the two 'back' pictures, what is the time diffence? your hair has really grown...

  4. Glad to hear that you did what's best to heal your injury! Going to the PT was a good choice instead of just resting your injury and self-medicating. If you want to run for a long time, you really should take care of your health. Once you feel any sign of pain, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

    -Madalyn Oconnell @ Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver

  5. Hi - pissed off runner w/ sore ankle here! Found u thru your comment on Well I'm Trying to Run blog.

    Where was your ankle soreness? Mine is where top of foot/ankle join - chiro said it's anterior tibial tendon inflammation, not fx. (had problems w/ posterior tibial tendon on same foot years ago while mthon training, this is my first time trying mthon training since then - 9 yrs - had been sticking to halfs but loving high mileage, so decided to go for it - and I want to PR and if poss BQ).

    I've been training hard for Richmond Marathon (see goals above) - 11/16 by the way, you might consider it if you need a nearby Nov race, great time - and things had been going great - strong on pace, great long runs, good high mileage. Had been doing 65-75 consistently, last week added 3 3mi shakeout runs on hard days (what a great invention!) and hit 80 miles. But, this past weekend, something must have happened.

    Started Sat in last chunk of long run, when flexing up. thought it might be irritation from tongue of shoe or tied too tight - started about where top laces hit. (23.5 mi tmill long run, ran twice more after that, 3 mi shakeout Sat, 4 mi run Sun) Took M/T off, couldn't even bike. Chiro dry needled yday, did some estim, then I had ART massage and KT taping. Told I could run today. Had no pain for first few minutes, then pain, worse pain, up shin too. Not sure if it could be exacerbated by socks, shoes, orthotics, taping. Trying to switch out socks and orthotics tmro if I can manage to run. Have another chiro appt tmro. Debating seeing unknown podiatrist who might then send me to PT also.

    I'm impressed/inspired by your ability to get back so quickly. I may have to try what you've laid out, though I'd need to join our public pool system which isn't close and figure out how to fit that into my workday/commute (none of the pools open before 530am, what's up with that? I'm up at 345!!)

    Any/all comments, ideas, suggestions, support welcome. I'm freaking out about the pain, my race, being able to run - and of course the withdrawal from high mileage to almost nothing is not chemically helping my mood (swings) and stress level.

    Have you done pool running? Since I'm not sure how my ankle would hold up to freestyle right now, and I have no upper body strength, I'd probably do pool running instead of full out swimming.

    Good luck and thanks for any feedback!!

  6. Well, technically you didn’t go running with it, so hooray for loopholes! And it’s good that you found alternative ways to continue training despite not being allowed to run. Shows how resourceful you were when faced with an unexpected situation. Cheers!